dBuV/m to dBm

The calculator converts from radiated power in dBuV/m (deciBel microvolt-per-meter) at 3 meters to conducted power in dBm at the output of the transmitter.

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Example Calculation

In this example we compute the maximum transmitter power in dBm from the level of the radiated field 3 meters away.

For frequencies above 960 MHz, the FCC stipulates a maximum radiation limit of 500 uV/m at 3 meter distance from the transmitter. Use this calculator to convert uV to dBuV.

500 uV/m equates to 54 dBuV/m.

A field strength value of 54 dBuV/m equates to a power level of -41.2 dBm at the transmitter.

Output Power of Wholehouse FM Transmitter

I was trying to figure out the output transmit power of the Whole House FM transmitter.

The FCC report shows a maximum average level of 41.42 dBuV in the FM band. This translates to -53.78 dBm at the output of the FM transmitter.

Whole House FM Transmitter 3.0