Best FM transmitter for Drive-in Movies, Church Parking Lot and Outdoor Events in 2021

What is an FM transmitter?

An FM Transmitter is a device that is designed to accept an audio signal from the source device such as MP3 players or microphones and then broadcasts the same as an FM signal. This signal can be detected by any nearby FM receiver. This forms a simple yet effective wireless means of communication.

FM Transmitters are commonly used in live events such as church gatherings, rallies, drive-in concerts, and other places such as parking lots, etc. The breakout of the Coronavirus Pandemic in December 2019 led to an increase in the use of these devices as different governments ban gatherings and physical contacts. FM transmitters still make it possible to communicate with many people without contact.

Best FM transmitter

When you visit an online store, you will come across many FM transmitters. This may be overwhelming, and so, we have made it easier for you to shop for one that suits your needs.

Broadcastvision FM Wireless Transmitter

If you are looking for a portable FM Transmitter with a sleek design, then the Broadcastvision is the one. It is designed with many input systems that allow you to input your audio signal either through optical, digital coax, or analog. You can also go wireless by connecting it to your phone, tablet, or computer through Bluetooth. It comes with a telescopic antenna, power supply adapter, fiber-optic cable, and RCA audio input cable.

Customers who have used the Broadcastvision are pleased with the design and 5-year warranty that comes with it. They already recommend it for use in Car radios, mini radio stations, institutions, and any other live events.


  • Commercial grade – Can operate 24 hrs continuously in different applications including commercial ones
  • FCC certified – This transmitter is part 15 FCC certified
  • Multiple audio input options – Feed your audio signal through 3.5mm analog input, digital coax and optical.
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty
  • Long-range transmission of up to 300 feet in an open space
  • LED display for ease of operation and reading of set parameters such as modulation level, transmission frequency, etc.
  • Easy to set up and use. Instructions with accompanying pictures are in the user manual that comes with it.


  • More expensive than most of FM transmitters on the market


If you are beaten by the price of our best pick, then consider our runner-up as it also offers good performances at a much lower cost. You will still be able to enjoy the many functions of an FM Transmitter using this one.

CZE-7C PLL FM Transmitter

The CZE-7C is a long-range frequency transmitter that offers you flexibility in setting your broadcast frequency between 76 MHz and 108 MHz. It uses an advanced modulation system with many other sophisticated analog components to provide enhanced audio quality. It is compact in size and beautifully enclosed in a protective chassis and LCD screen for monitoring the controls. This kit includes an FM antenna so you’re good to go within 15 minutes of opening the box.

The user interface of the CZE-7C is intuitive. The LCD display always informs you of the set parameters and displays the changes to transmission frequency as you make them by simply turning the tuning knob. It also comes with a user manual for installation and operational instructions. Many users find it ideal for any outdoor event.


  • High-quality sound
  • Well shielded and compact in size
  • Best for long-range communications of up to 1000 feet in open space – user has reported being able to get a fairly clean signal from over 2 miles away


  • Not FCC certified

Best Budget Pick

If you’re on a tight budget then we recommend the Maitexi FM Transmitter.

The Maitexi FM Transmitter can broadcast up to a distance of 1 km in an open space. It is ideal for use in factories, schools, supermarkets, farms, or even creating your own mini radio station at home.  

The Maitexi is not FCC part 15 compliant. Otherwise, it is an ideal unit that you can easily set up and operate to aid in long-range communications. All the parts are easy to assemble together. You can find more information on how to do it from the user manual that comes with it.

The Maitexi is highly recommended for its affordability while still keeping all the basic functions. Users find it to be the perfect tool with the pricing being a significant plus.


  • Analog electronics designed for noise reduction, thereby providing excellent sound quality
  • Long-range of up to 1 km or 0.6 miles or 3200 feet in open space
  • Low cost
  • Highly portable


  • Not FCC certified.

Notable Mentions

If any of the above picks don’t work for you then the following may be worthy of consideration.

BaseWish FM Broadcast Transmitter

The BaseWish FM Broadcast Transmitter is another very good product on a low budget. It is designed with the latest technology and also FCC-certified. You can be sure of your safety while using it for broadcasting your signals for any use, both indoors and outdoors. Some of the notable technical features include a PLL modulation system, advanced low-pass filter circuitry for improved fidelity.

This is a great deal, based on customer feedback. The BaseWish is easy to setup and ideal for most functions that require wireless communications.


  • High stability
  • FCC certified with two power modes
  • Users have reported being able to achieve a range of 2 miles across flat open space
  • High-quality sound
  • Excellent heat dissipation
  • Easy to set up and use by following instructions on the user manual


  • Fan too noisy

Signstek ST-05B FM Transmitter

The Signstek ST-05B FM Transmitter is an FCC-certified device that lets you broadcast your audio signal to all the nearby devices with a communication range of 300 meters or 1000 feet in an open space. With buttons and LCD screen on the control, you can easily set the transmission frequency and power. Just like any other devices discussed before, this one also uses an advanced modulation system and other circuitry that makes the signal quality high by reducing the noise.

Notably, users praise it for the ease of operation and reliability when used in churches, parking lot, schools, and many other places.


  • Relatively cheap
  • Reliable over short distances
  • High signal quality


  • Short transmission range

How we picked the best FM transmitter

Picking an FM transmitter in the market may be challenging with many options available and with different feature sets and at different price points.

In our research, we considered the following main attributes

Transmission range: An important specification that will determine whether you will be able to reach the audience within a certain geographical perimeter – a larger transmission range is required to cover a larger area.

Signal quality: The electronic design of the product and quality of components used in the design determine how clear the received signal is. Poor quality electronics will result in poor signal quality.

Regulations and policies: The FM band is used to transmit radio signals. FCC compliance ensures that your equipment operates in harmony with other licensed transmissions.

Other very important considerations we factored into our recommendations are Price, Portability and Ease of use.

The Future of FM transmitters

FM Transmitters have been used for many decades, and the use of such devices is expected to increase in the coming years as many people prefer going cordless. Even without the current pandemic and social distancing, there is an increasing shift toward wireless in organizations and institutions. People also now view them as ideal for outdoor events such as drive-in movies, church functions, concerts and speaking events.


FM Transmitters are devices for wireless broadcasting of audio signals that can then be received by any FM receiver that is tuned at the same transmission frequency. These devices are ideal for many live functions and operations in institutions and organizations such as schools, parking lots, live concerts, supermarkets, church drive-in, etc.

Top pick: The Broadcastvision FM Transmitter

Runner up: CZE-7C PLL FM Transmitter

Budget pick: Maitexi FM Transmitter

Notable mention #1: The BaseWish FM Broadcast Transmitter

Notable mention #2: Signstek ST-05B FM Transmitter

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