How to improve ADS-B reception

How to Improve ADS-B

Automatic dependent surveillance–broadcast (ADS-B) technology enables aircraft to determine their position via satellite and periodically broadcast this location information. An ADS-B receiver system can be used to decode this broadcast signal to …

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Two-Way Radio Frequency Tables

Here’s a basic two-way radio frequency table that outlines commonly used frequency bands along with their typical applications: Band Frequency Range Common Uses Low Band 30-50 MHz Public safety, business …

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Amplifier for RTL-SDR

RTL-SDR is our top budget software-defined radio pick for the year and it is one of the most popular SDRs worldwide. This is the product that most people use when getting started with …

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How Far will 5G Reach?

5G Range distance Calculator

5G networks are being deployed around the world and one of the biggest differences between 4G and 5G is the range specially when it comes to mmWave frequencies. In this …

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Can Mobile Phones Read RFID Tags?

Can Mobile Phones Read RFID Tags

Yes, mobile phones can read RFID tags. RFID tags come in different types. One of those types is NFC or Near-Field Communication. Mobile smart phones can read NFC tags. For …

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GHz to ms Conversion Calculator

This tool calculates millisecond (ms) from the frequency in Giga Hertz (GHz). Calculator 🔁 ms to GHz Formula The period T is the inverse of frequency f Ts = 1/fHz …

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