Baofeng vs. Yaesu

Baofeng vs Yaesu

A walkie-talkie, formally known as a handheld radio transceiver, is a portable two-way radio that can be used for a wide variety of applications including military, amateur radio and personal …

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What is Helium IoT?

What is Helium

Helium is a network that connects IoT devices like dog tags, environmental sensors, bike trackers and more. It consists of gateway devices or hotspots connected to one another over the …

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ADALM Pluto SDR Amplifier

Amplifier for ADALM Pluto SDR

The ADALM Pluto software-defined radio is our runner up for best SDR. It’s an excellent platform for learning about SDR. By way of specifications, it provides frequency coverage between 325 …

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How to use a Low Noise Amplifier

How to use an LNA

Low Noise Amplifiers (LNAs) are simply designed to amplify signals such that they rise above the noise floor in radio systems. This is the primary use case of an LNA. …

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How to improve ADS-B reception

Automatic dependent surveillance–broadcast (ADS-B) technology enables aircraft to determine their position via satellite and periodically broadcast this location information. An ADS-B receiver system can be used to decode this broadcast signal to …

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Learning Basic Electronics

What’s the best way to learn about electronics? The internet presents us with a wide variety of free instructional material by way of YouTube videos, Blog posts, Tweets and Manufacturer’s …

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Getting started with FPGAs

Field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) are a special type of integrated circuit that consists of logic gates and memory blocks that can be configured with code to implement digital computations. …

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What is IP3?

When two RF signals are input to an RF component such as an LNA or a Mixer, it results in the creation of other mathematically-related, spurious signals. This is a …

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What is a Bias Tee?

Updated January 2021 A bias tee or Bias-T is one of the most useful Software-defined Radio (SDR) accessories you have likely never heard of. Low Noise Amplifiers are used to …

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Best Rechargeable DAB Radio in 2021

Best Rechargeable DAB Radio

Radios have existed for many years, and would not go extinct anytime soon, especially with the development of new types of radio technologies like Digital Audio Broadcasting or DAB. There …

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Best Bluetooth to RCA adapter

Best Bluetooth to RCA Adapter

If your favorite audio system lacks Bluetooth connectivity, you do not have to invest in a brand new system to stream audio from your smartphone, tablet, or TV. A Bluetooth …

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Best Indoor FM Antenna for 2021

Best Indoor FM Antenna

FM antennas are a must-have for those who are tired of fidgeting with radios trying to find good signal reception. For many who don’t have access to a roof to …

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