ADC Value to Voltage Calculator

This tool converts a digital value at the output of a Analog-to-Digital Converter to its equivalent input voltage value.

To use the calculator, enter

  • ADC Reference voltage
  • Number of Bits in the ADC (e.g. 8 bits)
  • Digital Input (e.g. 10101)

Example Calculation

8-bit ADC

For a reference voltage of 5 Volt, digital word 0101010 output from a 8-bit ADC, the analog input voltage is 0.82 Volt. If the digital output is 11111111, the input is at the max value of 5 Volt.

12-bit ADC

For the same reference voltage of 5V, digital word 110101001111 from a 12-bit ADC gives an input voltage of 4.16 Volt.

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