Baofeng Not Receiving but will Transmit – (Easy solutions!)

If your Baofeng radio is transmitting but not receiving, there could be several potential causes.

This troubleshooting guide applies to all models of Baofeng: UV-5R, BF-F8HP, UV-9R, UV-5G and others.

Here are some troubleshooting steps and solutions to help you resolve the issue:

Check the Frequency and Channel Settings

  • Correct Frequency: Ensure that the radio is set to the correct frequency or channel. If you are trying to communicate with another radio, both should be on the same frequency and using the same mode (e.g., FM).
  • Other Frequencies: Check if the issue happens on other frequencies
  • Offset and Duplex Settings: If you are using repeaters, check that the offset and duplex settings are correctly configured.

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Antenna Connection

  • Antenna: Make sure the antenna is properly connected. A loose or damaged antenna can prevent the radio from receiving signals. Try removing and reattaching the antenna.
  • Antenna Type: Ensure you are using the appropriate antenna for the frequencies you are operating on. Some antennas are better suited for specific bands.

Volume and Squelch Settings

  • Volume: Check the volume level to ensure it is turned up enough to hear incoming signals.
  • Squelch: Adjust the squelch setting. If the squelch is set too high, it can block weaker signals. Try lowering the squelch to see if it improves reception.

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Check for Interference

  • Local Interference: There may be interference from other electronic devices nearby. Try moving to a different location or turning off nearby electronics to see if reception improves.
  • Busy Channels: Ensure the channel is not being used by other strong signals or busy traffic that could be overpowering your receiver.

Battery Check

  • Battery Power: Ensure the battery is fully charged. Low battery power can sometimes cause reception issues.
  • Battery Contacts: Check the battery contacts for any dirt or corrosion and clean them if necessary.

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Programming and Settings

  • Reset to Factory Settings: If you have made multiple changes to the settings and are unsure which might be causing the issue, consider resetting the radio to its factory settings. This can often resolve configuration-related problems.
  • Programming Errors: Double-check the programming of the radio. If you used software to program the radio, ensure that all frequencies, tones, and other settings are correct.

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Firmware Update

  • Update Firmware: Check if there is a firmware update available for your Baofeng model. Updating the firmware can sometimes resolve issues with the radio’s performance.

External Speaker or Microphone

  • External Devices: If you are using an external speaker or microphone, disconnect it and see if the radio starts receiving. Sometimes, external devices can interfere with the radio’s normal operation.

Hardware Issues

  • Internal Components: There could be an issue with the internal components of the radio, such as the receiver module. If you suspect a hardware problem, it may be necessary to consult a professional technician or contact Baofeng support for repairs.


By following these troubleshooting steps, you should be able to identify and resolve the issue of your Baofeng radio not receiving signals. If the problem persists after trying all these solutions, it may be necessary to seek professional repair services or consider replacing the radio.

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