Baofeng UV-5R vs AR-152 – What’s the difference?

Both the Baofeng UV-5R and the AR-152 are popular choices among enthusiasts and professionals alike.

The Baofeng UV-5R is renowned for its affordability and versatility, making it a favorite among amateur radio operators and casual users.

In contrast, the AR-152 offers advanced features like higher power output and rugged, military-grade construction, appealing to users who require robust performance in demanding environments.

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This article provides a detailed comparison between the Baofeng UV-5R and the AR-152, highlighting their key features, differences, and suitability for various applications, helping you make an informed decision on which radio best meets your needs.

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Comparison Table

FeatureBaofeng UV-5RAR-152
Frequency RangeVHF: 136-174 MHz, UHF: 400-520 MHzVHF: 136-174 MHz, UHF: 400-520 MHz
Power Output1W / 4W / 5W selectable5W / 10W / 15W selectable
Channels128 programmable128 programmable
Battery1800 mAh Li-ion12000 mAh Li-ion
DisplayLCD with dual-line displayLCD with dual-line display
CTCSS/DCS50 CTCSS and 104 DCS50 CTCSS and 104 DCS
ScanningPriority channel scanningPriority channel scanning
FM RadioYes, 65-108 MHzYes, 65-108 MHz
AntennaDetachable SMA-FemaleDetachable SMA-Female
VOX (Voice Operated Exchange)YesYes
Dual Watch/Dual ReceiveYesYes
Dimensions110 x 58 x 32 mm300 x 58 x 38 mm
Weight200 g (with battery)750 g (with battery)
Price Range$25 – $35$80 – $120
Waterproof RatingNoneIP67 (dustproof and waterproof)
ProgrammingSoftware programmable via CHIRPSoftware programmable via CHIRP
Build QualityStandard plastic constructionRugged military-grade construction
Audio Output1W1W
DurabilityGoodExcellent, with enhanced durability for rugged use
Notable FeaturesAffordable, widely used by amateursHigher power options, larger battery, rugged design

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Key Differences and Considerations:

  1. Power Output: The AR-152 offers significantly higher power output options (5W, 10W, 15W) compared to the UV-5R’s 1W, 4W, and 5W. This can result in better range and clearer communication in challenging environments.
  2. Battery Life: The AR-152 features a much larger battery (12000 mAh) compared to the UV-5R (1800 mAh), providing extended usage time without frequent recharging.
  3. Durability: The AR-152 is built with a rugged, military-grade construction and has an IP67 waterproof rating, making it more suitable for harsh environments. The UV-5R, while durable, does not have the same level of ruggedness or waterproof rating.
  4. Size and Weight: The AR-152 is significantly larger and heavier than the UV-5R, which might be a consideration for portability.
  5. Price: The UV-5R is much more affordable, making it a popular choice for beginners and those on a budget. The AR-152’s higher price reflects its advanced features and rugged design.

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The Baofeng UV-5R is an excellent choice for beginners and those looking for an affordable, versatile radio for general use.

The AR-152, with its higher power output, rugged construction, and extended battery life, is better suited for demanding environments and users who need more robust performance.