Baofeng vs Tidradio – What’s the difference?

In this article we provide a comparison between Baofeng and Tidradio and their two way radio products. While this article deals with a high level comparison, the following posts look at specific radios from the two companies.

Table of Contents

Baofeng Company Overview

Baofeng is a Chinese electronics company known for producing affordable two-way radios, particularly popular among amateur radio enthusiasts. The company has gained significant market share due to its cost-effective and feature-rich radios. Baofeng’s products are widely used in various fields, including amateur radio, outdoor activities, and professional communications.

Key Products

  • Baofeng UV-5R: One of the most popular models, known for its affordability and versatility.
  • Baofeng UV-82: Offers a more rugged design and enhanced features.
  • Baofeng BF-F8HP: High power version of the UV-5R, offering better range and performance.


  • Dual-band VHF/UHF capabilities.
  • Wide frequency range and multiple power output options.
  • Affordable pricing, making them accessible to a wide range of users.
  • Extensive user community and support.

Baofeng is well-regarded for providing good value for money. The brand is often the first choice for new amateur radio operators due to its ease of use and low entry cost.

TIDRADIO Company Overview

Tidradio is a newer entrant in the two-way radio market, also based in China. The company focuses on providing innovative and high-quality communication products. Tidradio’s offerings are aimed at both amateur radio enthusiasts and professional users, with a strong emphasis on customer service and product support.

Key Products

  • Tidradio TD-H3: A popular dual-band radio offering similar features to the Baofeng UV-5R but with additional accessories.
  • Tidradio TD-UV5R: An improved version of the classic Baofeng UV-5R, often bundled with programming cables and extended antennas.
  • Tidradio TD-F9GP: A high-power dual-band radio with a range of advanced features.


  • Dual-band VHF/UHF capabilities.
  • Comprehensive accessories included in many of their packages.
  • Emphasis on ease of use and programmability.
  • Strong customer support and after-sales service.

Tidradio aims to differentiate itself by offering enhanced accessory packages and strong customer support. This makes them appealing to users who value a more comprehensive solution right out of the box.


Both Baofeng and Tidradio offer feature-rich, affordable radios, making them popular choices among amateur radio operators.

Baofeng has a more established presence and a larger user community, while Tidradio focuses on providing enhanced accessory packages and robust customer support.

Users often choose Baofeng for its proven track record and community resources, while Tidradio is preferred by those looking for a more complete package with strong support.

Baofeng vs TidRadio Comparison Table

Here are the main differences (these are general differences and may not apply to every model from each brand).

Brand reputationMore established, well-knownNewer entrant, growing reputation
Build qualityAdequateGenerally better, more premium feel
Firmware/SoftwareOlder, may have more bugsNewer, often with fewer bugs
Frequency accuracyMay require calibrationBetter out-of-the-box accuracy
Audio qualityAcceptableOften clearer, better reception
FCC complianceHas faced regulatory challengesGenerally more compliant
PriceTypically lowerSlightly higher but still affordable
Accessory ecosystemLarger, more optionsGrowing, but more limited
User interfaceTraditional, familiarOften more intuitive, improved
Customer supportVariable qualityGenerally better
Programming easeStandardOften easier to program
Market presenceLonger presence, widely availableNewer, growing availability