Best Ceiling Bluetooth Speakers in 2024

You might be wondering, what makes a Bluetooth wireless ceiling speaker the best? Is it its capacity to play your favorite tunes at the touch of a button, its wattage, or its range?

Well, it takes a little more than these attributes for a Bluetooth wireless ceiling speaker to be considered the best.

In this article, we present the best Bluetooth wireless ceiling speakers. We’ll explain why we picked each of these devices and how we chose them.

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Quick Product Comparison

Before we dive into detailed reviews, let’s take a quick snapshot of the products and how they compare in a competitive analysis

ProductBluetooth VersionBluetooth Range (feet)Wattage (W)Speaker Size (in)Amplifier Type
Herdio 5.25-inch flush mount Bluetooth speaker5.0501505.25Unknown
Pyle 8” Bluetooth Wireless Ceiling Speakers4.03025084 channel
MCM 6” Bluetooth Wireless Ceiling Speakers2.0323062 channel
Lithonia LightingUnknown30136Unknown
Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker Comparison

Top Pick: Herdio Bluetooth Wireless Ceiling Speakers

The Herdio 5.25-inch flush mount Bluetooth speaker is a beast when it comes to sound, wattage, and Bluetooth range. This is why it stands at the top of this list. If you are in doubt, here is a breakdown of what the Herdio Bluetooth wireless ceiling speaker’s features.

Herdio 5.25 Inch Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers Max Power 600W 2-Way Flush Mount Plus Wall Mount Amplifier Receiver Perfect for Home Theater Bathroom Living Room Kitchen Office(4 Speakers)

First and foremost, you should know that this device supports the most recent Bluetooth technology; that’s Bluetooth 5.0. This means a more extensive range of connectivity; no need to worry about disruptions while you stream your audio to this device. It also supports a vast number of Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Now that you know that no matter what Bluetooth device you have, you can always connect to your Herdio Bluetooth wireless ceiling speaker. Installation is a breeze due to the flush mount design the manufacturers have adopted. So, whether you need to install it in your ceiling or walls you have nothing to worry about. 

It’s also necessary we mention that these speakers are capable of amplifying audio; they save space and can also be installed in the ceiling of your bathrooms and kitchens since they are moisture-resistant Bluetooth speakers.


  • Works well in high moisture and heat areas
  • Easy to install
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Perfect for outdoor use
  • Fast and easy Bluetooth connection.


  • The 5.25″ description is a bit misleading since you need about 8″ of ceiling space.


Herdio Bluetooth ceiling speakers, with a current rating of 4.4 stars on Amazon are loved by many users for their sound quality and how easy it is to install the unit. 

However, several users complained of wrong or misleading descriptions of the features. One of the users stated that the speaker size is 5.25″, which could be misinterpreted as the hole’s size required in the ceiling. Another user pointed out that the power rating would be 36 Watt at best instead of the 300 Watt advertised.

Runner Up: Pyle 8” Bluetooth Wireless Ceiling Speakers

This 8″ Bluetooth speaker is made from ecologically friendly ABS materials, which means you get to save the environment in your little way. They also come in square or round grills, which can be switched whenever you want. 

Pyle 8” 4 Bluetooth Flush Mount - In-wall In-ceiling 2-Way Speaker System Quick Connections Changeable Round/Square Grill Polypropylene Cone & Tweeter Stereo Sound 4 Ch Amplifier 250 Watt - PDICBT286

The Pyle 8″ is easy to install since the templates are already precut. They give your wall or ceiling that flush look, making it look like it’s the missing puzzle piece your ceiling has longed for all this while.

Although not Bluetooth 5.0 like the Herdio, this Bluetooth 4.0 supported device can still get the job done. As it supports connection to several devices and also has a built-in audio amplifier. 

If you are looking for a wireless Bluetooth device that gives the best sound and won’t take up floor space, this 250-watt 2-way ceiling sound system is worth considering.


  • Easy installation process
  • Excellent Bluetooth connectivity


  • The amplifiers that come with this device are low quality.


Many users recommended that prospective buyers should consider getting a different set of Bluetooth amplifiers to augment this kit. However, other than this, the sound quality is pretty decent. Also, there were several complaints by users about the Bluetooth receivers having to be reset occasionally.

Budget Pick: MCM 6” Bluetooth Wireless Ceiling Speakers

Don’t sacrifice quality for cost. Instead, go for the MCM 6″ wireless Bluetooth ceiling speakers. This speaker is for you if you are on a tight budget or don’t see the need to spend so much on ceiling speakers but still want to enjoy premium quality sounds.

multicomp PRO 6" Ceiling Speaker Pair - with 30W Stereo Amplifier and Bluetooth

Let’s look at some of the features of these Bluetooth wireless ceiling speakers from the MCM company. 

You will like to know that this wireless Bluetooth speaker for your ceiling features highly efficient class D amplifiers. This means about 90% of efficiency is packed in this little device, and it also means there is no need for heatsinks and cooling fans in your speakers. This also means less power consumption rate on your device.

Additionally, it has a Bluetooth connectivity range of 32″. This means you should be able to enjoy premium tunes without your Bluetooth device being so close to the speaker. If you need an affordable device that is perfect for your ceiling space, then the MCM might be the best for you.


  • Very good audio quality and bluetooth range


  • Installation can be a bit tricky.


Since the MCM speakers need to be powered using a power adapter, one Amazon customer advised using a smart switch to control the power; this way they can be turned on and off easily. Users also complained about not being able to pair since Alexa cannot pair with devices that require a pin. However, this issue was solved since another user dropped the pin, which is 500500.

Best Features: Lithonia Lighting

Lithonia Lighting has all it takes to be the overall best Bluetooth ceiling speaker if you consider the load of additional features you get to enjoy. The combination of lighting and speaker function in one compact device is very compelling.

You can pair up to 8 Bluetooth speakers as long as they are within 30 feet of your Bluetooth device. It comes with a master speaker that connects directly to your Bluetooth device. In turn, the master speaker can connect to 7 additional Bluetooth speakers if they are within a 60 feet range. 

Another compelling feature of the Lithonia lighting wireless Bluetooth ceiling you should know about is the increased bright light you get to enjoy. The lights are is 50-125% brighter than other led wireless speaker bulbs. You can also use incandescent dimmers to dim the lights to about 10%.

Within 4 hours, you can get these speakers fully charged, and after a full recharge, you can use them for 6 hours when the light is off. There is no need to worry about getting a charging outlet with the Lithonia lighting. Simply screw it into the space where light bulbs are twisted, and you are good to go. It is also suitable for outdoor and wet locations.


  • Crystal clear sound quality
  • Capable of connecting up to 8 speakers to one device
  • Very easy to install


  • The batteries don’t last long
  • If the battery goes off, you will need to wait a long time before connecting to the speakers again once you start charging.


Several users adore the Lithonia lighting speakers for their bright lights and Bluetooth speaker technology. Some users, however, complained of a lack of bass in the speakers.

How we Selected the Best Bluetooth Wireless Ceiling Speakers

In this section, we will discuss the criteria we considered while selecting the best Bluetooth wireless ceiling speakers.

Sound Quality

For any and every audio device you intend to purchase, the sound quality is always the main focus. Everyone wants to crystal clear audio. This is only possible through using the best materials during production of the woofers and tweeters. 

Some of these speakers have tweeters that can be rotated to give off  sound in all directions. They can reproduce stereo sounds which means you don’t need to install so many in a single room. 

Also, we considered the frequency response of each of the Bluetooth ceiling speakers we selected. Since we need speakers with an answer of 20-20,000 Hz, we made sure we delivered speakers within that range. 

Bluetooth Range

It’s a Bluetooth speaker, so you definitely will want something that can stay connected even without being close to the speaker. You will be pleased to find out that all of the speakers we selected have a Bluetooth connectivity range of up to 30 feet. Please add range to the competitive analysis.

Ease of Installation

Instead of selecting Bluetooth ceiling speakers that are complicated and difficult to install, we chose speakers with a maximum installation time of 10 minutes. They are easy to install using simple everyday tools that can be bought in any tool shop around you. They also have instruction manuals to guides users on how to successfully install them.

Moisture Resistance

For your Bluetooth speakers to be suitable for use in bathrooms, outdoors, and other home high humidity areas in the home or office, we chose Bluetooth ceiling speakers with tested and trusted moisture resistance rating from previous users.

We also cross-examined this by looking at the materials used in the manufacture of each of the speaker we selected to see if they can survive humidity levels in the kitchen and bathroom.

Sensitivity and Amplification

We chose Bluetooth ceiling speakers with inbuilt amplifiers. Also, we considered each of the Bluetooth speakers’ sensitivity to ensure that you obtain the highest efficiency level (please quantify this in the competitive analysis table at the bottom); this way, the speaker won’t need to strain the amplifier or receiver as it uses the exact power it is getting from the amplifier or receiver.

Mounting Depth and size of the Speakers

The mounting depth is another important consideration because it will determine how much space is available to the speakers so that they can fit into the ceiling.

Coming to size, the speakers we chose were 5, 6, or 8 inches. This size here refers to the size of the cone of the speakers. Speakers with bigger cone size are suitable for large rooms since they have bigger drives and can send sound through a wider distance.


While choosing these Bluetooth ceiling speakers, we considered the design of the speakers. Some speakers are designed to stand out, while many others blend with the room. We went for designs that blend with the room. These speakers come in removable square or round grills to suit and make them blend to the ceiling.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are Bluetooth ceiling speakers powered?

Some Bluetooth speakers are connected directly to the mains or power outlet of the house, but these are those Bluetooth speakers that feature built-in amplifiers. Others that don’t have built in amplifiers are powered using a speaker connection wire which is usually connected to an external amplifier.

One particular type of Bluetooth speaker had a very different approach. The Lithonia is powered by screwing the speaker to a light bulb casing. With this casing it can be powered and charged.

Can I connect these ceiling speakers to my TV?

Yes, you can connect these ceiling speakers to your TV. If you own a smart TV the process is easier. Just turn on your TVs Bluetooth and once your TV searches and finds the speaker, you can connect. It is as easy as that.

With a regular LED TV, you will need to purchase a Bluetooth transmitting device. Connect your TVs audio to the transmitter using an AV cable, then connect the transmitter to the speaker via Bluetooth.


We have put together the best Bluetooth ceiling speakers, so the hassle of selecting the best Bluetooth Ceiling wireless speakers is reduced. A quick look at the products we selected and the factors we considered before choosing them is enough for you to place your trust in us.

Not only are Bluetooth ceiling wireless speakers the trending in the world today, they are easy to connect to your Bluetooth device, easy to install, they offer surround sound and won’t take up space whether you plan to use them at home or in the office.

Here’s our list of best ceiling bluetooth speakers