Best MURS Radios for 2024

Are you in search of a two-way communication system for your business or personal use? The Multi-Use Radio System better known as MURS has the best qualities for a communication device whether for a consumer or business-grade.

Getting the right MURS radio is easier said than done. The variety of brands in the market makes the process more daunting. We understand the struggle and for this reason, we have done our due diligence and come up with the top five MURS radios.

This post will bring to the fore a breakdown of the top MURS radios highlighting the top qualities that make these gadgets special. Before we get into the details let’s take a look at the top picks and how they compare

ProductMax. RangeBattery Life (hours)Channels Top Feature
Btech MURS V15 miles flat terrain; ¼ mile in the woods1015 FM Radio
Dakota Alert M538-HT2 miles405 + 38 sub channelsDakota alert
Motorola RMM205013 floors in building; 3 miles flat terrain155Business exclusive frequency
Tera TR-50510 miles105 MURS + 16 GMRSUHF + VHF tuners
Retevis RT27V 2 miles55Time out Timer

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Top Pick – BTECH MURS V1

Top features

  • 3 colored LCD
  • Inbuilt flashlight
  • FM radio broadcast

BTECH MURS V1 is the best two-way communication device yet! It has more features than any other MURS device in the market. But, this isn’t the best part. This particular radio goes for less than half the price of what others with similar features are sold at.

BTECH MURS-V2 200 Fully Customizable Channels MURS Two-Way Radio. USB-C Charging, IP54 Weatherproof, Dual Band Scanning (VHF/UHF), FM Radio, & NOAA Weather Broadcast Receiver

So what do you get if you decide to go for the BTECH V1? First, it comes with 15 MURS channels. Also, this radio features a set of privacy tones that filters out other people on the channels. Long press the # button to lock the keypads, this will prevent you from changing channels by mistake.

The radio comes with a rather decent battery life. The 1800mAh battery takes roughly 3½ hours to fully charge and should last you up to 10 hours. Select from the three available power modes; on, off, and standby to maximize the battery life.

The most important feature of any MURS radio is the signal range. The BTECH V1 has a range of up to 5 miles on flat terrain and ¼ mile in the woods.

In addition, you can monitor two channels and the radio will give priority to the channels that receive the incoming call first.

It is important to mention that the BTECH brand is well known and respected in the radio community. It is manufactured by Baofeng in China to keep the production cost minimum. Nonetheless, their reputation is solid and they make quality products. 


  • Rugged and tough exterior
  • Built-in LCD
  • Broad frequency range
  • Programmable radio
  • Affordable
  • Variety of privacy tones


  • The belt clip is not of good quality

User Reviews

Many users love how easy it is to program each channel. Also, some have mentioned that they liked the dual option compatibility that works exceptionally well.

Users thought it was worth mentioning the convenience of having an FM-compatible MURS. However, some complained that the clip screws get loose after several uses.

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Runner Up – Dakota Alert M538-HT

Top features

  • Visual display for alert monitor
  • Earphone plug for private listening
  • 5 channel and up to 38 sub-channels

The Dakota Alert M538-HT is one MURS radio that should be at the top of the list whenever you go shopping for one. This MURS radio separates itself from the competition thanks to the ease of use and extra notification sounds in the communication department.

Dakota Alert MURS Radio - M538-HT MURS Wireless VHF Transceiver - Handheld 2-Way Radio License Free - Multi-Use Radio Service, MURS Walkie Talkie

You should know that this radio is among the few in the market that gives you the luxury of dual-way conversation working as a transceiver. This means that the device can simultaneously receive and send signals and messages to other alert transmitters and MURS radio units.

This particular unit is powered by 6 AA batteries that easily outlast other counterparts with a smaller battery capacity in a day’s use.

Take advantage of the Dakota alert system that offers an easy and secure way of transmitting your messages. This is made possible with the 38 sub-channels besides the 5 main channels. Once an alert signal is received, the unit sounds off and also displays on the alert icon as an additional visual cue.

In the event that you need to safely listen to private messages, plug in your earphones to divert sound from the speaker.


  • 40 hour battery life
  • Range of up to 2 miles
  • Receives alert signals from MURS transmitter
  • Dual-way conversation style


  • Not rugged like other brands
  • No flashlight
  • The antenna is not upgradable

User reviews

Some users loved the fact that the audio is crystal clear since there are no background noises. The battery life is another feature that many users loved with this unit which lasts 40-50 hours on a single charge.

However, on the flip side, users complained that the unit is not fit for heavy-duty rugged use, the light plastic material doesn’t survive a drop.

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Best for Business Use – Motorola RMM2050 

Top Features

  • Business exclusive frequency
  • Tested by Motorola’s ALT
  • VHF tuner technology

As far as MURS units go, the Motorola RMM2050 is considered premium quality. This claim is backed by the military-grade construction that ensures toughness even in the most rugged terrains. In addition, these units have also passed the Accelerated Life Testing (ALT) that promises up to 5 years of service in the field.

RMM2050 2 Pack of Two-Way Business Radio by Motorola,Black

The unit comes with 5 MURS Business Exclusive Frequencies, and also 219 private line codes where 6 are customizable. These frequencies eliminate interference making them better and secure than standard radios.

One feature that sets this unit apart from the rest is the Voice call out. It allows you to check your current frequency without using your hands. Given the reputation of Motorola as a company, you can expect nothing short of a quality product and also great customer service.

The unit comes with an average battery that gives you service of up to 15 hours of use in a single charge.


  • Impressive 1500mW speakers for clarity even in a noisy background
  • Up to 3-mile range in flat terrain
  • Voice activation (VOX) feature for hands-free operation
  • Military-grade build


  • Quite expensive
  • The battery life could do better

User reviews

Users appreciate the fact that the radios hold up on rugged terrains as advertised. Also, several users have mentioned that the units work really well on flat terrain and the transmission is quite good within the said range.

On the other hand, some users did not like the fact that you cannot program a frequency unless it is a preset frequency.  Lastly, the price was also an issue for some users. 

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Top 2-in-1 Radio – Tera TR-505

Top features

  • UHF and VHF tuner technology
  • 16 GMRS channels

If you are in search of a unit that is certified for both MURS and GMRS transmission, the Tera TR-505 is here for you.

This compact and rugged unit comes with 16 GMRS channels and 5 MURS channels. You have the option of reprogramming your radio to use either MURS or GMRS.

TERA TR-505 GMRS Recreational Handheld Radio Includes Battery and Desk Charger

Remember that you will need a license to use GMRS lest you run a risk of being fined.

The Tera TR-505 gives you the option of choosing between the long-range UHF channel together with the 4W output or the shorter range MURS channels that has a maximum of 2W output. The UHF channels gives you a communication range of up to 10 miles while the MURS channels can only give you a maximum of 5 miles.

The unit comes ready for use powered by a lithium battery that gives you up to 10 hours of use on a single charge. If you want your battery to last you longer, use the ON, OFF, or Standby features for this.

This radio is perfect for emergencies since it uses both GMRS and MURS, however, GMRS is more common and chances are more people are using it. So there is a higher chance of someone getting information on this frequency.


  • Features a channel and volume knob. (Easy to use)
  • Compact and rugged
  • Decent battery life
  • Features a channel lock feature


  • Relatively expensive
  • Lower battery saving option reduces range significantly

User Reviews

Users love the rugged and compact construction that allows heavy-duty function. Others mentioned how the range is just perfect especially on the 4W output.

A good number of users loved how easy it is to program the unit and also replace the antenna whenever necessary.

However, there were complaints about the range reducing significantly especially when using the power-saving 1W output.

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Best Budget Pick – Retevis RT27V

Top features

  • Long antenna
  • Has time out timer
  • MURS tuner technology

The Retevis RT27V is hands down the best budget MURS radio in the market. The unit comes as a 5 pack.

Retevis RT27V MURS 2 Way Radio, Walkie Talkies Rechargeable, Long Range, Multi-Unit Charger, License Free, Rugged, Two Way Business Radios for Emergency Rescue Farm Church(6 Pack)

The device is made quite rugged, sturdy, and firm on the hand. It is perfect for field use. This particular unit features a frequency band that ensures transmission of crystal clear sound, free of interference.

The audio transmission on this unit is second to none, thanks to the encryption codes for every channel the devices can access. This feature makes the Retevis RT27V fit for industrial and densely populated areas. This radio comes with the standard 5 channels. If battery life is anything to go by, then this unit is average.

The 1100mAh will last you up to 5 hours on a single charge. Charge your unit through a USB cable and a jack right from your car. Lastly, this unit comes with a Time out Timer (TOT) that shuts off the transmission. This is particularly helpful to avoid lengthy transmission as a result of either human or machine error.


  • Earplug for each radio
  • Avails ear clips for holding the earpiece wire
  • Durable for heavy-duty use
  • Has noise reduction earpiece


  • The antenna is not replaceable

User reviews

Several users have mentioned how the unit’s build makes it perfect for industrial use. Since the unit comes as a 5 pack, it is relatively cheap compared to other brands in the market. Many users loved how the units are easy and ready for use out of the box, it doesn’t require complicated programming before use.

On the other hand, users had complaints about the range which is limited to line of sight. By virtue of the unit being cheap, users mentioned that they do not last as long as other top brands.

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How we picked the best products for this article

Before settling for any MURS radio, there are certain thresholds and expectations they need to meet. Failure to this, the device most often than not will be quite problematic and won’t meet user requirements. For this post, here are the parameters we put into consideration in picking the units.

Best features

We took a deep dive into the key features that make each of the radios necessary to have. Any product should have the capacity to be both functional and meet user expectations. We went the extra mile of giving your more details as far as what each unit is ranked and best for.


Price is usually a determinant factor regardless of what it is you are buying. With this in mind, it is only fair to give a review of a variety of products in the market with different prices for the best comparison. We answered questions along the lines of, “is the unit worth what it costs?”

Communication range and terrain

It is essential to know the range within which a particular radio operates. It is even more important to know how the range is affected by the terrain. So whenever your team is out in the woods, you know exactly how far to go if you are to communicate effectively with one another.

General build

Different MURS radios are built for different uses. So the overall build of a particular unit relative to the working conditions is vital. It isn’t uncommon to get complaints about the durability of a unit especially when you go in blind, or base your decisions on the marketing gimmicks.

Battery life

If you are going out in the woods or anywhere off-grid, you want to be sure how long your radio will operate before going out. It is vital to have this in mind so that you plan your off-grid outdoor activities well. No one wants to get stuck with no means of communication with your team.

External Antennas

Let’s face it, MURS devices have a limited range of operation, but they can in fact be used with external antennas such as the MURS45, for better reception and range.


Whatever MURS radio you go for; a good unit should be able to give the best as far as communication since it is the primary function. It should also give you the flexibility of operation within a reasonable radius and different working environments.

There are so many options when it comes to MURS radio devices, and making the right choice could be hard. But, we hope this post brings you a step closer to finding the right one for you. To summarize here is a list of our top picks:

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