5 Best Wireless Guitar Systems for use with Active Pickup in 2024

Today’s technology has definitely expanded people’s options when it comes to almost anything – music included. For guitar players who are looking for a wireless guitar system for use with active pickup, there’s a whole range of them on the market for you. But if you’re looking for the best, this article has got you covered. Before we get into the details let’s take a quick look at our top picks

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Quick Comparison Table

Shure PGXD1410 hours200 feetReceiver has two antennas for range
Xvive U27 hours120 feet200-degree rotatable plug
BOSS WL-2012 hours50 feetLong battery life & low latency
NUX B-5RC3.5 hours100 feetAuto-matching feature
Line 6 Relay G106 hours50 feetInexpensive and cable tone function

Editor’s Pick Shure PGXD14

Impressive range, above average battery life, easy use, and a lot of other features all make Shure PGXD14 a worthy pick for the top spot.

It is a wireless guitar system but delivers output that sounds as good as when using cables. It has a 200-foot range and its 2 AA batteries can last as long as 10 hours. An advantage of using AA batteries is these are easily replaceable. The whole unit consists of a receiver with two antennas that maintain solid audio quality. Players using units such as ATK and LTD Arrow Black will love this system because not only is it reliable in terms of performance and specifications, but also because its durability is impeccable. Plus, it comes with a portable padded carrying case and a WA302 cable for the body pack transmitter. Coming from a brand that promises sure quality, Shure PGXD14 will help you bring the best sound out of your instrument.


  • receiver has two antennas
  • comes with a padded carrying case
  • has lockable settings interface


  • cords don’t look durable


Reviews about this product are testimonies on how great the product is and how solid the sound produced is. Several users have mentioned not experiencing any dropouts or inferences while using this system with their guitars. Some others also praise the battery for being very reliable and believe that the product is awesome and is worth the price. There are some reviews that say that the cords and the receiver seem to be made of light materials but there are users who say they’ve had their system for years and it remains reliable and gives an awesome performance.

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Runner-Up – Xvive U2

One of the most versatile and flexible wireless guitar systems on the market happens to be our runner-up pick, Xvive U2. Those are basically the reasons it earned a spot on our list.

Xvive U2 has a range of 120 feet and a pretty impressive 7-hour battery life. This is better than most wireless guitar systems out there. It is very easy to use and attach as it has a 200-degree rotatable plug. When it comes to durability, no questions asked as this product has passed a drop and pull in test and also comes with a 12-month warranty upon purchase. The H1 transmitter holder that is included can be used when the guitar jack is incompatible. This H1 also helps minimize high frequency noises produced when using active pickups. This results to better audio quality and experience.


  • compact
  • has an H1 transmitter holder
  • lightweight


  • sound is distorted when something touches the antenna


There is so much to love about this product based on user reviews. One is how clear the audio output is. Some have stated not being able to tell whether the guitar system uses cables or is wireless. Another great thing about this product is the design. This means that it does not only work great, but also looks great. Some users are also happy with how this unit is priced – not too expensive and not too cheap, yet is very reliable.

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Best Battery Life – BOSS WL-20

If your first consideration is maximizing usage with long battery life, BOSS WL-20 is what we recommend for you.

This guitar system can last up to 12 hours of usage and can be charged easily using a USB adapter. Although only one USB cable is provided. Used with active pickup, it produces solid, cable-quality audio with an extremely low 2.3 ms latency. Setup is hassle-free and can be done in a matter of seconds by docking the transmitter and the receiver together and waiting to establish connection. It can be used during live performances or home rehearsals with its 50-foot range.


  • tandem charging of batteries


  • slightly distorted sound


Most of the users who reviewed this product are ones who have used it during live gigs and got satisfying results. Of course, the thing that is mentioned most is its impressive battery life. Users are satisfied with how they can use the product for hours without having the battery die on them. There are also some who say that it is a very reliable system in terms of sound quality when used with different guitar units.

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Most Versatile – NUX B-5RC

NUX B-5RC is, for us, the most versatile wireless guitar system that can be used with both passive and active pickups.

First, for the specifications, it boasts a 100-foot operation range and <5ms latency. A battery life of 3.5 hours may not be the best but it’s not that bad either. It comes with a power case that makes powering up easy. There are other things to appreciate about this product. For instance, it has an auto-matching added feature that makes pairing it with instruments much much easier without compromising sound quality. In fact, it is able to simulate a 21-foot cable capacitor using its cable tone function.


  • has cable tone function to simulate cable sound
  • has auto-pairing feature


  • short battery life


The power case is what users like most about this product because it allows them to easily charge the unit when not in use. Users also say that it is very easy to use with different types of guitars. Some say that they have had interference problems with nearby WIFI networks but all, in all, most users are satisfied.

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Best Value – Line 6 Relay G10

If you’re looking for a balance between price and quality, Line 6 Relay G10 is the product for you.

It is priced somewhere on the mid-range but delivers outstanding performance. In fact, it is one of the most popular wireless guitar systems and it is not new to guitar players. It is also a plug-and-play device with easy setup and recharging. The unit can be charged by docking the receiver and the transmitter together and the system should last for a good 6 hours. But when on sleep mode, it can last up to 150 hours. It also has a cable tone function that imitates cable sound quality and has a 50-foot range when used indoors. It operates in a 2.4GHz band and uses encoded digital channel lock technology, thereby limiting interferences and protecting your signal.


  • has cable tone function
  • long battery life especially on sleep mode


  • uses micro-USB for charging


Users are impressed with the quality of the sound produced when using this product. It is fairly easy to use or setup, which is probably one of the reasons why some instructions on the user manual are vague. It also works on a good range based on reviews. While most are happy with the quality and the battery life, users find the micro-USB cable non-standard and difficult to work with.

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How We Picked the Best Products for This Article


For this list, one of the most important considerations is range. We are not only looking for a product that is usable with instruments with active pickup. We also want one that can be used by a variety of users – whether they be stage performers, amateurs, or hobbyists. We want guitarists to have at least one less worry when they play and not feel limited by the limited range of their guitar system.

Battery Life

Guitar players do not spend an hour playing for an audience. Concerts, and even rehearsals, take hours of their time. Given this, we looked for products that have a lasting battery life and are easy to charge.

Audio Quality

Guitar experts know that there can be a difference when using a guitar system with instruments that have passive pickup and active pickup. Hence, we considered good audio quality as one of the requirements. We want players to have that liberating experience when performing on stage and feel satisfied with the music they produce.

Setup and Operation

Setting up instruments and accessories should be as hassle-free as possible for musicians. In the case of these guitar systems, apart from the added convenience of being wireless, we also want to guarantee ease of installation and use. The products that we picked are plug-and-play devices and should not pose any form of inconvenience to guitar users.


Added features make a product unique and often tell how a certain product stands out from the rest. Although some features may look similar for this range of products, we considered this parameter to show potential buyers how a particular guitar system may benefit them or how suitable it is to their needs based on the features.

User Reviews

User reviews played a big role in our selection process. Product ratings are good indicators of how good a product is. Customer experiences validate brands’ claims and often serve as good bases for comparison especially when shopping for a certain product.

Now that we’ve presented our top picks, performers using guitars with active pickup can deliberate on which guitar system is best for their type of instrument.


As a recap our top picks are: