[SOLVED] Corsair HS35 Mic Not Working

The Corsair headset comes with an built-in mic for gaming. It is a versatile product that is compatible with gaming consoles, phones, and computers. Customers get the option to buy these headsets in various colors.

There are plenty of features that make this headset popular. Some of which are buttons on the headphones for sound control and mic control. Also, the mic is detachable, which is a great feature for gamers.

Many users have reported issues with the corsair mic not working. In this post we explore a quick fix to this problem.

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Understanding how mics work

Let’s first understand how mics generally work. To have a better understanding while troubleshooting mic issues, it’s handy to have this basic knowledge.

Mics like speakers and audio devices are transducers, they convert energy from one form to another. In the case of the mic, it converts sound energy into electrical signals. Mics take the sound waves from the source and convert them into electrical signals for processing.

The most commonly used mics are the ones with headphones. Especially in gaming, these headsets with a mic are very useful for listening to audio and chatting at the same time. Typically a 3.5 mm jack is used if the headset is not wireless. Many headset manufacturers provide headphones and a mic in one device but with a split connector. If not required, the mic or headphone connector can be left unconnected and only one aspect of the device can be used.

In the case of the HS35, there’s a combination connector to support both headphone (listening) and microphone (talking). Only the black version of the product comes with a split adapter (Y-adapter Female 4-pole 3.5mm to dual male 3-pole)

Y Connector for HS35

Generic issues with any mic

Now that we understand the basics of microphones, let’s delve into the issues associated with these gadgets. The most common issue with the new mics is the connection. Most present-day headsets and mics are compatible and built to a standard. But sometimes they don’t have a proper connection or malfunction with some devices and work well on others.

Over time mics can have issues like interference or static, frequent disconnections, or even completely malfunction. These issues can be model specific.

This headset uses a single combination jack so you should be able to just connect it to your laptop’s single combination jack.

Problems in Corsair HS35 mic with solutions

These problems are based on internet exploration for mic-related issues with the Corsair HS35 headset mic. There are many problems with this product according to various forums and posts, but only a few can affect a wider group of users. These are as below.

Mic Not detected or working

Hardware detection problems are common among the new and old gadgets. But this does not mean that the gadget is faulty, specially in a new one. In the case of Corsair HS35. Follow the steps below.

Connection of detachable mic

Corsair H35 headphones have a detachable mic that comes in the same box as the headphones but is detached. Connect it with your headphones. If you are still not able to detect the mic, then disconnect and connect it once more. According to the online posts as answers from the Corsair experts, the mic needs to be pushed firmly inside the point.

HS35 Detachable Microphone

The mic mute button

The H35 headphones are designed for gaming, therefore it has some handy features for gamers. One such feature is the mute button for the mic on the left side of the headphone. If it is pressed the mic is muted. Make sure it is not pressed, if pressed then press it once more and the mic might work fine.

HS35 Volume control and Mute Button

Device requires a split connector

Many devices (laptops for example) require a split connection between the mic and the speaker/headphones. HS35 comes with a single 3.5 mm jack. With the exception of the Black version of the product there’s no Y converter that’s required for the split connection.

Order a convertor that has 3.5mm input and split output. Connect your headphones to the input end and the split connection into the device.

Headphone Splitter for Computer 3.5mm Female to 2 Dual 3.5mm Male Headphone Mic Audio Y Splitter Cable Smartphone Headset to PC Adapter

The connection from the headphones going into the splitter sometimes does not register properly. In this case you need to plug the jack in more firmly. When done properly and it makes contact, you should hear a click sound. When this happens it will work.

Mic Not Working on Windows

This could happen after an update if the drivers are missing. This in turn may lead to no sound from the mic. Run the hardware test on windows or visit the official Corsair website to get the latest drivers.

Static background noise

Static background noise while talking into the mic can be frustrating for others. This is an issue seen in older headphones and mics. Check your connections between the mic and the headphones and the 3.5 mm connectors with the device. If possible try testing the headphones on a different device and compare.

After all this troubleshooting if the mic on the Corsair H35 does not work, then try contacting the supplier.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Corsair HS35 a Wireless Mic and Headphone?

No the HS35 does not have wireless nor does it have Bluetooth connection support.

Corsair HS35 headphones are not working – what to do?

Check the following

  • Make sure that the volume is turned up – the control is on the bottom corner of the left ear cup. It’s very likely that it is turned down.
HS35 Volume Control
  • If you’re using a split connector, make sure that the headphone is plugged into the appropriate input in this case – the headphone jack – on the laptop.
Headphone Input Jack Laptop


In this post we have listed problems associated with the Corsair HS35 and solutions. We hope that this helps you if you run into issues. If, after trying all the steps in this article you find that it’s still not working, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to help you out.