dB to Normal Value Calculator

This tool converts a deciBel (dB) value to its equivalent normal or linear value.

Enter the dB value


PdB = 10*Log10(P1/P2)

PdB = 20*Log10(V1/V2)

and therefore the normal values for the Power and Voltage ratios

P1/P2 = 10(PdB/10)

V1/V2 = 10(PdB/20)

Example Calculations

A 10 dB value gives a power ratio of 10 and a voltage ratio of 3.162.

A -10 dB value gives a power ratio of 0.1 and a voltage ratio of 0.3162.

Note that negative dB values have a higher voltage ratio value than power ratio. The reverse is true for positive dB values.


This simple calculator helps convert dB values into normal linear power ratios and voltage or current ratios, making it easier to understand and apply these measurements in various practical scenarios.