dBm to Percent Formula and Calculator

This tool converts Power in dBm to a percentage (%) value.

Converting dBm to a decibel percentage is not a standard conversion, as dBm and percentages are fundamentally different units representing different concepts.

However when a dBm value is compared to a reference power value in dBm it can be expressed as a percentage.


  • Power in dBm
  • Reference power in dBm

The tool will calculate the percent value


P = 10(PdBm/10) /1000

P = 10(PrefdBm/10) /1000

Percent (%) = (P/Pref)*100


  • P is the linear power
  • Pref is the linear reference power

Example Calculations

  • A power level of -10 dBm and Reference power of 0 dBm converts to 10%
  • Input power of 0 dBm and reference power of -20 dBm converts to 10,000%

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