Fluke vs Amprobe Multimeters – which one is better?

When it comes to electrical and electronic testing, multimeters are indispensable tools for professionals and hobbyists alike. Two of the most respected brands in the multimeter market are Fluke and Amprobe.

Both companies offer a range of devices catering to different needs, from basic models suitable for home use to advanced multimeters for industrial applications.

This article will compare the two helping you decide which might be the better choice for your specific needs.

Brand Overview

Fluke Corporation has been a leader in the manufacture of electronic testing tools and software since its founding in 1948. Known for their reliability, accuracy, and ruggedness, Fluke multimeters are highly regarded in the professional community.

They are often seen as the industry standard, especially in fields requiring precise measurements and robust performance.

Amprobe began in 1948 as well, originally under the name Pyramid Instrument Company. It gained fame with its first clamp meter, which made Amprobe a well-known name in electrical testing.

Today, Amprobe offers a wide range of devices, including multimeters that are generally more affordable than Fluke’s, making them attractive to hobbyists and professionals who need quality instruments on a budget.

Comparison Table: Fluke vs. Amprobe

Here’s a detailed comparison table outlining the key features, specifications, and distinctions between Fluke and Amprobe multimeters, helping you to decide which brand might best suit your needs:

Target AudienceProfessional electricians, engineers, industrial applicationsProfessional electricians, DIY enthusiasts, general use
Price RangeGenerally higher, premium pricingMore affordable, offers good value for the price
DurabilityHighly durable, designed for rugged use in harsh environmentsDurable but generally less rugged than Fluke
AccuracyHigh precision, known for accuracy even in complex systemsAccurate, suitable for standard and semi-professional use
TechnologyAdvanced technology, features like Fluke Connect (wireless)Standard technology with essential features
Ease of UseUser-friendly but feature-rich, steeper learning curveGenerally simpler to use, more intuitive for non-professionals
Safety RatingsHigher safety ratings suitable for industrial environmentsAdequate safety ratings for residential and commercial use
Product RangeExtensive range covering a wide array of applicationsBroad range but more focused on mid-tier market
InnovationIndustry leader in innovation and new featuresFocuses on practical and reliable solutions
Support and WarrantyExcellent customer support, long warrantiesGood support, slightly shorter warranty periods
Popular ModelsFluke 87V, Fluke 117, Fluke 115Amprobe AM-530, Amprobe AM-560, Amprobe AM-570


Fluke: Known for its reliability and precision, Fluke is preferred in professional and industrial settings where high accuracy and durability are crucial.

Fluke multimeters are more expensive, reflecting their advanced features and robust build quality. They are ideal for demanding environments and complex diagnostic tasks.

Amprobe: Offers reliable performance at a more affordable price, making it suitable for both professionals on a budget and home users.

While Amprobe may not match Fluke in terms of technological advancements or extreme durability, it provides excellent functionality and value for most standard electrical tasks.