GMRS Frequency and Channels List

The General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) is a licensed radio service that is part of the family radio service bands used in the United States.

It uses channels around 462 MHz and 467 MHz in the UHF band. GMRS is primarily used for short-distance, two-way communications using hand-held radios, mobile radios, and repeater systems.

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GMRS Frequency Table

Here is a list of the standard GMRS frequencies:

Channel NumberFrequency (MHz)Notes
8467.5625Typically for low power use
9467.5875Typically for low power use
10467.6125Typically for low power use
11467.6375Typically for low power use
12467.6625Typically for low power use
13467.6875Typically for low power use
14467.7125Typically for low power use
15462.5500Repeater and Simplex
16462.5750Repeater and Simplex
17462.6000Repeater and Simplex
18462.6250Repeater and Simplex
19462.6500Repeater and Simplex
20462.6750Repeater and Simplex, Emergency
21462.7000Repeater and Simplex
22462.7250Repeater and Simplex

What is GMRS simplex?

refers to the use of a single frequency for both transmitting and receiving communications on GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service) radios. This mode of operation is different from duplex mode, where separate frequencies are used for transmitting and receiving, often through a repeater.

In simplex mode, communications are direct from radio to radio without the assistance of any infrastructure like a repeater.

What is a GMRS repeater?

It is a device used to extend the range of General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) communications. It receives a signal on one frequency (the input frequency) and simultaneously rebroadcasts (or repeats) the same signal on another frequency (the output frequency) at a higher power. This allows GMRS radios, which might otherwise be limited by line-of-sight constraints due to terrain or distance, to communicate over much longer ranges.

Primary GMRS Channels (Wideband, 25 kHz)

Channels 15-22 are for simplex and repeater output

  1. 462.5500 MHz
  2. 462.5750 MHz
  3. 462.6000 MHz
  4. 462.6250 MHz
  5. 462.6500 MHz
  6. 462.6750 MHz
  7. 462.7000 MHz
  8. 462.7250 MHz

GMRS Repeater Input Channels

These channels are typically used for repeater inputs (when a repeater system is in use) and are spaced 5 MHz lower than their corresponding output frequency.

  1. 467.5500 MHz
  2. 467.5750 MHz
  3. 467.6000 MHz
  4. 467.6250 MHz
  5. 467.6500 MHz
  6. 467.6750 MHz
  7. 467.7000 MHz
  8. 467.7250 MHz

Interstitial GMRS Channels (Narrowband, 12.5 kHz)

These eight channels are shared with the Family Radio Service (FRS) and can be used for either narrowband (12.5 kHz) or wideband (25 kHz) operation.

  1. 462.5500 MHz
  2. 462.5750 MHz
  3. 462.6000 MHz
  4. 462.6250 MHz
  5. 462.6500 MHz
  6. 462.6750 MHz
  7. 462.7000 MHz
  8. 462.7250 MHz

Shared with FRS (Family Radio Service) Channels

  1. 462.5625 MHz (GMRS Channel 1, FRS Channel 1)
  2. 462.5875 MHz (GMRS Channel 2, FRS Channel 2)
  3. 462.6125 MHz (GMRS Channel 3, FRS Channel 3)
  4. 462.6375 MHz (GMRS Channel 4, FRS Channel 4)
  5. 462.6625 MHz (GMRS Channel 5, FRS Channel 5)
  6. 462.6875 MHz (GMRS Channel 6, FRS Channel 6)
  7. 462.7125 MHz (GMRS Channel 7, FRS Channel 7)

Additional GMRS Channels

  1. 467.5625 MHz
  2. 467.5875 MHz
  3. 467.6125 MHz
  4. 467.6375 MHz
  5. 467.6625 MHz
  6. 467.6875 MHz
  7. 467.7125 MHz

Maximum GMRS Power Levels

The following table shows channels and Maximum Watts that can be transmitted in these bands.

Channel NumberFrequency (MHz)Power LevelUsage
1462.5625Up to 50 WGeneral Use
2462.5875Up to 50 WGeneral Use
3462.6125Up to 50 WGeneral Use
4462.6375Up to 50 WGeneral Use
5462.6625Up to 50 WGeneral Use
6462.6875Up to 50 WGeneral Use
7462.7125Up to 50 WGeneral Use
8-14467.5625 to 467.71250.5 WLow-power channels shared with FRS
15462.5500Up to 50 WRepeater Outputs
16462.5750Up to 50 WRepeater Outputs
17462.6000Up to 50 WRepeater Outputs
18462.6250Up to 50 WRepeater Outputs
19462.6500Up to 50 WRepeater Outputs
20462.6750Up to 50 WRepeater Outputs
21462.7000Up to 50 WRepeater Outputs
22462.7250Up to 50 WRepeater Outputs
Repeater Inputs (15-22)467.5500 to 467.7250Up to 50 WRepeater Inputs

Additional Notes

  • Channels 1 through 7 and 15 through 22 can be used with a GMRS license at a higher power (up to 50 watts).
  • Channels 8 through 14 are typically restricted to 0.5 watt (500 milliwatts) and do not require a license when used within these power limits.
  • Repeater channels (usually 15-22) are often used to extend the range of communication.

This list is compliant with FCC regulations, which users must follow to ensure proper use and avoid penalties. Always check local regulations and ensure you have the appropriate licensing if required for higher-powered operations or for using repeater channels.

Using GMRS

GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service) requires a license in the United States. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) issues these licenses.

GMRS is designed for individuals and their family members to communicate with each other over short distances.

Unlike the Family Radio Service (FRS), which is license-free, GMRS can accommodate higher power transmissions and the use of repeaters, which can significantly extend the communication range.

To obtain a GMRS license, you do not need to pass an exam; however, you must apply for the license through the FCC and pay a fee. The license is typically valid for ten years. Once you have a license, it covers the licensee and their immediate family members, allowing them to operate GMRS stations without each family member needing to obtain an individual license.

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