How Much Data Does Google Maps Use? (With Calculator)

When you’re traveling, Google Maps is an invaluable tool. But how much data does it use on your mobile phone? Important to know if you’re roaming or don’t have unlimited data.

On average, Google Maps can use up to 10 Megabytes of data per hour.

The calculator below can be used to find the total data consumption based on the amount of time Maps is being used for navigation.


Enter the time that Google maps is used in hours, minutes and seconds and the tool will give the total data consumed.

Example Calculation

Over a time of 2 hours, Google Maps uses 20 MB of data.


When you’re traveling Google maps is a necessity for navigation. It can consume a lot of mobile data though. Conserving data can be important when you’re roaming in another country.

This tool gives an estimate on how much mobile data is used.

The amount of data Google Maps uses depends on several factors, including the type of usage (navigation vs. browsing), map details, and whether you’re using features like Street View. Here’s a breakdown of typical data usage for various Google Maps activities:

General Usage

  • Map Browsing:
    • Standard Maps: Approximately 1-2 MB per minute.
    • Satellite View: Significantly higher, around 10 MB per minute, depending on the zoom level and area.


  • Driving Navigation:
    • For a typical hour of navigation, Google Maps can use about 5-10 MB of data.
    • This includes downloading the map tiles, traffic data, and route information.
  • Walking or Biking Navigation:
    • Similar to driving navigation, usually around 5-10 MB per hour.
  • Public Transit Navigation:
    • Slightly higher, as it may include schedules, route options, and more detailed maps, approximately 10-15 MB per hour.

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