How to Reset Baofeng Walkie Talkie Radio

Baofeng radios such as the UV-5R and UV-82 are popular among amateur radio enthusiasts and professionals alike for their affordability and versatility. However, there might be times when you need to reset your Baofeng radio to its factory settings, whether to troubleshoot issues or clear all previous configurations.

This guide will walk you through the steps to reset your Baofeng radio, ensuring you get back to a clean slate.

Why Reset Your Baofeng Radio?

Resetting your Baofeng radio can be necessary for several reasons:

  • Troubleshooting Problems: If your radio is not functioning correctly, a reset can resolve many issues.
  • Clearing Old Configurations: If you’re passing your radio on to someone else or starting fresh, resetting clears all previous settings and channels.
  • Fixing Programming Errors: If you’ve made mistakes while programming and can’t easily undo them, a reset can save time.

Important Considerations Before Resetting

  1. Backup Your Settings: Resetting will erase all custom settings, including programmed frequencies and configurations. If you want to keep these, make sure to back them up using software like CHIRP.
  2. Know Your Radio Model: While the general reset process is similar, specific steps may vary slightly between different Baofeng models (like UV-5R, BF-F8HP, or UV-82).

How to Reset Your Baofeng Radio

Follow these steps to reset your Baofeng radio:

1. Enter Frequency Mode

Ensure your radio is in frequency mode. If it’s in channel mode, switch to frequency mode by pressing the [VFO/MR] button. This button toggles between Frequency Mode and Channel Mode.

2. Access the Menu

Press the [MENU] button on the front of your radio. This brings up the main menu where you can navigate through different settings.

3. Navigate to the Reset Option

Using the up/down arrow keys, scroll through the menu until you find the option for resetting. This is typically labeled as “RESET” or “RESET ALL” in the menu.

  • On the UV-5R, this is menu option 40.
  • On the BF-F8HP, it’s often listed under a similar number, depending on firmware.

4. Select the Reset Option

Once you have highlighted the reset option, press the [MENU] button again to select it. The radio will now ask you to confirm the reset.

5. Confirm the Reset

Use the up/down arrow keys to choose “ALL” or “VFO” and press [MENU] to confirm your selection.

  • ALL: Resets everything to factory defaults.
  • VFO: Resets just the VFO (Variable Frequency Oscillator) settings, leaving channel memories intact.

6. Wait for the Reset Process

The radio will proceed with the reset and might power off and on during this process. Once completed, your radio will be restored to its factory settings.

7. Reconfigure Your Settings

After the reset, you will need to reprogram any custom settings, frequencies, or configurations you had before. This is where a previous backup can be handy to quickly restore your preferred setup.

Troubleshooting Tips

  • Can’t Find the Reset Option?: If you’re unable to locate the reset option in the menu, consult your specific model’s manual as menu structures can slightly differ.
  • Radio Not Responding Post Reset?: Ensure the battery is charged and securely connected. If problems persist, it might require further troubleshooting or professional service.
  • Frequent Resets?: If you find yourself needing to reset the radio frequently, there may be an underlying issue that needs addressing, such as firmware problems or hardware faults.


Resetting your Baofeng radio is a straightforward process that can resolve many common issues and give you a fresh start with your device. Always remember to backup your settings before a reset to save time in reconfiguring your radio afterward. With these steps, you can confidently reset your Baofeng radio and continue your communications with ease.

For further assistance or detailed programming instructions, refer to your Baofeng radio’s user manual or seek help from the community of Baofeng users online.