Lost USB for Microsoft Wireless Mouse – what to do?

Losing the USB dongle for a Microsoft wireless mouse or keyboard can be frustrating, but you have a few options to solve this issue.

Let’s get into it.

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Can I buy a replacement dongle for the lost USB?

Microsoft recommends replacing the entire keyboard and mouse. However some individuals on the support forums have recommended to try using a replacement dongle. These products can be found on eBay.

However it’s not clear from the documentation or the forms whether each keyboard/mouse is locked to a specific dongle. It would make sense that they are paired, otherwise it would cause chaos in an office where a mouse from one cubicle would connect with a neighbor’s dongle.

Notice the serial number on the dongle in the picture below. It appears to be unique and likely associated with a specific peripheral (mouse, keyboard or a set).

If you want to purchase a dongle from eBay and try it out for yourself we recommend buying from an eBay seller or store that has a return policy.

Will the Microsoft Keyboard/Mouse work without a dongle?

No unfortunately it will not.

The only exception is if it’s a Bluetooth dongle and your laptop or tablet supports Bluetooth with an internal chip. In this case a dongle is not really required.

Will my Microsoft keyboard/mouse work with a Bluetooth dongle?

Microsoft keyboard and mouse are designed with proprietary technology that’s embedded in their 2.4 GHz transceiver. A Bluetooth dongle will not work in this case.

If however it is a Bluetooth Microsoft Keyboard/Mouse, then it will work with a Bluetooth dongle.

Will my Microsoft keyboard/mouse work with a Logitech Universal Receiver?

The answer is no. Universal receivers can be bought on Amazon and eBay and only work with Logitech products. They do not work with Microsoft products.

Universal products are indicated with an orange asterisk marking on the dongle.

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If you just bought a new mouse and can’t find the dongle

Look in the battery compartment under the mouse. It’s in there as shown in the picture below


Based on our research, if you lose a Microsoft USB dongle, you will likely have to replace the keyboard, mouse or both. In this case, it would make sense to either purchase a Bluetooth keyboard, mouse, combo or a Logitech unifying product where the dongles can be purchased separately.

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