Microwave Cooking Time Conversion Calculator (with Examples)

A microwave oven cooking time conversion calculator helps you adjust the cooking time based on the power of your microwave compared to the power level specified in a recipe.

Essentially it converts microwave cooking times for different watts


To use this tool enter

  • Microwave Oven Wattage Specified in the Recipe
  • Recommended cooking time (in minutes and seconds)
  • Wattage of your Microwave Oven

Example Calculation

If the recipe recommends cooking for 3 minutes at a power of 1000 Watt and your microwave is 500 Watt, the cooking time should be set to 6 minutes.


Adjusted Time = Original Time × (Your Microwave Power/Original Power​)


Benefits of Using a Cooking Time Conversion Calculator

  1. Precision: Ensures food is cooked properly, avoiding the risks associated with undercooked or overcooked food.
  2. Convenience: Saves time by quickly providing the correct cooking duration, eliminating guesswork.
  3. Versatility: Useful for adapting recipes from cookbooks, the internet, or other sources to your specific microwave.

Practical Tips for Microwave Cooking

  • Stir and Rotate: Even with precise timing, microwaves can have hot and cold spots. Stir or rotate your food halfway through the cooking time for even heating.
  • Use Microwave-Safe Containers: Ensure your cookware is labeled microwave-safe to avoid melting or chemical leaching.
  • Cover Your Food: Use a microwave-safe lid or vented cover to trap steam, which helps cook food evenly and retains moisture.