dB to dBm Calculator

How to convert from dB (deciBels) to dBm (deciBel-milliwatts)? dB is relative number while dBm is an absolute number. There is no way to convert dB to dBm. You can …

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dBm to Distance Converter

This tool calculates the maximum distance (miles or km) that can be achieved in a communication system using the transmitter power and receiver sensitivity in dBm. The system includes a …

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dBm to mW Calculator

Use this calculator to convert dBm to mW or milliWatt. mW to dBm Calculator dBm refers to the power referenced to 1 milliwatt.

mW to dBm Calculator

Use this tool to convert from milliWatt to dBm. You can select either Milliwatt, Microwatt, Nanowatt or Picowatt. dBm to milliWatt