The Best Sports Radar Gun in 2021

Today we will look at some of the best sports radar guns used in sports. Typically, radar guns are used in law enforcement to catch speeders. However, athletes, coaches, and …

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Best FPGA Development Board in 2021

Updated August 2021 Like humans have a brain which helps them to process information, machines have a CPU or processor which provides the same functionality. A CPU is a general …

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The HackRF PortaPack

The HackRF is our top SDR pick for many reasons. We love the accessibility, the community and the open source philosophy around this product. With a frequency range of 6 …

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The Best ADS-B receiver for 2021

Updated January 2021 Automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast (ADS-B) technology enables aircraft to determine their position using satellite and periodically broadcast this location information. ADS-B receivers can decode this signal and track …

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Turning a Cable Modem into an SDR

Cable Modem

In this really interesting and well-documented post, the author stdw, explains how he reverse-engineered a cable modem and turned it into a software-defined radio. The cable modem stdw reverse-engineered was …

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Best Ham Radio Antenna for 2021

Ham Amateur Radio Antenna

Ham Radio, also known as Amateur Radio, is a non-commercial radio service that connects millions of radio enthusiasts around the globe. People use Ham Radio for education, fun, and it …

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