Baofeng vs. Yaesu

Baofeng vs Yaesu

A walkie-talkie, formally known as a handheld radio transceiver, is a portable two-way radio that can be used for a wide variety of applications including military, amateur radio and personal …

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Best MURS Two-way Radios for 2023

Best MURS Radio

Are you in search of a two-way communication system for your business or personal use? Your search ends here! The Multi-Use Radio System better known as MURS has the best …

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Best GMRS Radio for Vehicles in 2022

Best GMRS Radio for Vehicles

GMRS or General Mobile Radio Service radios are slowly taking over off-roading, overlanding, and jeep jamborees, replacing CB or citizen band radios. The popularity of GMRS radios as the device …

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