Voltage to dB Conversion Calculator

The volt to dB conversion is used to express the ratio of a measured voltage level relative to a reference voltage level in decibels (dB).


  • Measured Voltage
  • Reference Voltage

the tool will calculate the dB value

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PdB = 20*Log10(Vmeasured/Vreference)

Example Calculations

Suppose you measure an audio signal’s voltage at 2 volts, and you are using the standard reference of 1 volt. This results in a value of 6 dB.

This result tells you how much higher the measured signal is compared to the reference level.

Why Use a Voltage to dB Calculator?

Using a voltage to dB calculator simplifies the process of converting voltage ratios to decibel values. It is especially useful in scenarios where precise adjustments are needed:

  1. Audio Equipment Calibration: Ensuring that audio equipment operates at optimal levels without distortion or under-amplification.
  2. Signal Troubleshooting: Helping to diagnose issues in electronic circuits by comparing the expected and actual voltage levels.
  3. System Integration: Assisting in the integration of various components within an audio or telecommunications system to maintain signal integrity.