[SOLVED] Aerox 3 Mouse Not Working

The Aerox 3 is a popular Wireless mouse. It’s a good alternative to some of the higher priced mice from Logitech, Razer and Corsair. In fact it’s received accolades for functionality and design.

Users have however encountered some issues with it.

In this comprehensive post we have provided solutions to all Aerox 3 problems. Without further ado, let’s get right into it.

Table of Contents

The Basics

The Aerox 3 mouse has received awards for being the best lightweight mouse. Starting at 59 grams, you barely feel the weight. There are two versions of the Aerox 3 – wired and wireless.

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The Aerox 3 wireless is the more versatile of the two, supporting two wireless modes in addition to a wired mode of operation.

The Aerox 3 connects to the PC using one of two wireless methods: 2.4 GHz or Bluetooth. In the following we explain how to connect and some extra precautions.

How to Connect with 2.4 GHz Wireless

For 2.4 GHz, the USB dongle should be plugged into a USB port on the PC. Aerox is one of the only mouse manufacturers that provides a USB-C dongle. None of the other major mouse manufacturers like Logitech or Razer have USB-C dongles.

USB-C dongle and Adapters

If your laptop or PC doesn’t have a USB-C port, use the adapter provided. We don’t recommend using a USB-C hub to connect the dongle. Connect it directly to a port on the PC.

Make sure that the switch is selected to either 2.4G (if you’re using the dongle) or Bluetooth.

In the case of 2.4G, the mouse and dongle should pair automatically. If you want to customize your mouse or to re-pair it, please download the software from here.

How to connect with Bluetooth

Note that you will require a PC or laptop with at least Bluetooth version 5.0. Anything older will either not work or will not be supported.

To initiate pairing, hold the CPI button (#4 in the picture below) and toggle the Bluetooth switch under the mouse. The mouse LED will start blinking blue to indicate that it is searching for a Bluetooth connection.

Select “Aerox 3 Wireless” on your laptop or PC and they should be connected. You can release the CPI button once this is done.

Update the Steelseries to the latest version

The software team updates the software to resolve bugs, connectivity issues and more. As a first step we recommend updating to the latest version. Please note that we do not recommend rolling back to an older version or downloading drivers or software from a third-party site, as there’s always a risk that you could brick the mouse.

Aerox 3 Wireless Not Connecting

In the event that you experience issues with wireless connectivity, follow the steps below:

  • For Bluetooth make sure that the device supports Bluetooth 5.0
  • For 2.4G ensure that the dongle is plugged directly into the PC
  • The mode switch under the mouse should be toggled to either 2.4G or Bluetooth (not the center which is OFF)
  • Try restarting the PC to see if that solves the problem
  • If you are experiencing jitter or lag issues with your mouse, make sure that all potential sources of RF interference such as Wi-Fi routers, access points, cell phones and USB 3 connected hard drives are removed. Place them a distance away from the mouse. This issue is not specific to Aerox. Jitter and intermittent connectivity issues have been experienced by users of Logitech, Razer and Corsair products.
  • After removing other devices, if you still experience stutter, use an extension cable to ensure that the dongle has line-of-sight to the mouse. This is to ensure that the wireless signal from the mouse to the USB dongle is not obstructed.
  • Update the Firmware
    • If the dongle is connected to the PC, unplug it and connect the mouse using the USB-C cable
    • If the mouse is connected to the PC unplug it and connect the dongle
    • Steelseries software will notify you if the firmware needs to be updated
  • Clean the mouse with compressed air. Unfortunately the honeycomb design means dust and dirt can easily enter the internals of the mouse. This results in operational issues where the mouse can appear to be flaky and have connectivity issues.
  • Finally try connecting over wired with the USB-C cable to see if the mouse is operational or has a more fundamental issue
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Aerox 3 Wired Mouse Not Working

Try the following steps. One of them will resolve the issue for you

Step 1 – Check the cable

As a basic check, make sure that the mouse cable is not broken. Sometimes a cable can have an internal break that will cause a connectivity issue. Swap the cable with another and see if the issue persists.

Step 2 – Prevent Windows from turning the Aerox Mouse Off

  • Go to Windows Device Manager (Windows Key + X – Device Manager).
  • Find ‘Universal Bus Controller’
  • Open it and Double Click the first item: ‘USB Root Hub’.
  • In USB Root Hub Properties: Click on the ‘Power Management Tab’
  • Click on Allow this computer to turn off this device to save power. [This is checked by default.]
  • Uncheck it and click OK

Step 3 – Reset the Aerox

  • Turn the mouse Off using the mode select switch under it
  • Hold down the left, right and CPI buttons at the same time
  • Turn the mouse back On
  • Continue holding the buttons for 5 seconds until the LEDs on the mouse blink

Step 4 – Change Startup to Automatic

  • Open start menu located on your taskbar.
  • Right-click “Computer” and open “Manage
  • At the left, under “Computer Management“, look for “Services and Applications“. Open it and select “Services
  • Search for a service named “HID (Human Interface Device)
  • Once found, check the status. If the value is not “Started”, start it
  • To make sure it will be on also in the future, check the Startup Type value. If not “Automatic“, right click it, and select properties
  • Under the tab “General“, change the Startup type to Automatic
  • Apply and close.

Step 5 – Uninstall Steelseries

As the title suggests, uninstall SteelSeries Engine and the mouse driver, then restart Windows

Step 6 – Disable Fast Startup

  • Go to Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Power Options > Change what the power buttons do
  • Uncheck Turn on Fast Startup
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Aerox 3 Battery Life Issue

Many users have reported issues with short battery life. It is important to note that the battery life can vary greatly depending on application and use. Some users have reported very short battery life. Take these steps to solve this problem.

Wireless Mode

If the wireless is set to Bluetooth, the battery is expected to last up to 200 hours. If set to 2.4G, the battery will run out after only 80 hours. The reason for this is that the polling rate with 2.4G is eight times higher than with Bluetooth. The time interval for Bluetooth polling is 8 milliseconds, while with 2.4G it is only 1 millisecond. The higher amount of processing with 2.4G mode means the battery will run out faster.

RGB Lighting

The second consideration is the use of RGB lighting. If it’s on, the battery will run out faster than if it’s off. To extend the time interval between charge, turn RGB off. Note that when battery life tests are done, often the RGB lighting is switched Off.

Software and firmware updates

Manufacturers often release firmware and software updates to optimize hardware operation including battery consumption. Make sure that you have updated firmware on the mouse, dongle and also use the latest version of the Steelseries software.

Faulty Cable

Make sure that the cable that’s being used to charge the mouse is not the issue. As mentioned earlier, it’s difficult to identify an internal break or fault. The quickest way to rule out a cable issue is to swap it for another one.

Aerox 3 not working with Mac

Try the following to solve this issue

  • Press and hold the CPI black button on the top of the mouse
  • Switch the Wireless Mode button below the mouse to the Bluetooth position.
  • Go to Bluetooth settings in the Mac to Pair
  • It should connect with the Macbook

Aerox 3 keeps Flashing Yellow

The Aerox 3 will flash Yellow to indicate that the internal battery needs to be charged. The shorter the time interval between successive flashes the shorter the time before it is completely discharged.

The table below provides details on the flash interval

Time interval between flash (minutes)Battery remaining (hours)

To stop the yellow flashing, plug the Aerox into the PC using the USB cable and let it charge.

Aerox 3 Flashes Red

  • Make sure the mouse battery is fully charged
  • Update the firmware of the USB dongle by plugging it in and using the Steelseries Engine software
  • Next update the mouse firmware by plugging it into the PC using the USB cable
  • Toggle the Mode switch under the mouse to Off and then back On
  • That should resolve the issue

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does Aerox 3 take to charge?

The Aerox 3 takes about 45 minutes to charge fully.

Can you use the Aerox 3 while it’s charging?

Yes, the Aerox 3 can be used while it’s being charged.

Is it possible to save the RGB Profile on the Aerox 3?

No, unfortunately the onboard memory does not save the RGB profile for the mouse. This is a negative relative to other mouse products and a desired feature for many users.

Can the DPI settings be saved on the mouse?

Yes it is possible to save

  • DPI settings
  • Button bindings
  • Brightness levels

for the Aerox 3 mouse in the onboard memory. So even if you uninstall the software, these settings will remain until they are changed.

How can I get a longer battery life for the Aerox 3?

Use the following settings to get about two weeks of battery life:

  • Set the DPI to 1000
  • Use the 2.4 G or Bluetooth wireless mode (will last longer with BT)
  • Set RGB to 40% brightness with all zones set to a fixed color
  • Enable Illumination smart mode.

What is the release date of the Aerox 3?

The Aerox 3 2022 editions were announced in November 2021.

How to factory reset the Aerox 3?

To reset it use the following steps:

  • Unplug the mouse from the PC
  • Hold down the Left, Right, and CPI (#4) buttons together
  • Plug your mouse back in
  • Continue holding buttons for 5 seconds until the LEDs on the mouse blink.

That should reset the Aerox 3


In this post we have provided solutions to all the problems associated with the Aerox 3 mouse. If you run into any issues that have not been covered in this article, please let us know and we will do our best to resolve it for you.

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