Baofeng UK Frequency List (UV-5R and other models)

In the United Kingdom – frequency use for Baofeng UV-5R and other two-way radios (as in the USA) is governed by regulations to ensure that transmissions do not interfere with other services.

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Here is a list of commonly used frequencies (across the radio’s frequency range) that are legal for use by Baofeng UV-5R users in the UK.

UK Amateur Radio Frequencies

2 Meter Band (VHF)

  • 144.000 – 146.000 MHz

70 cm Band (UHF)

  • 430.000 – 440.000 MHz

These bands are reserved for licensed amateur radio operators. To transmit on these frequencies, you must hold a valid amateur radio license from Ofcom.

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PMR446 Frequencies (License-Free)

PMR446 (Private Mobile Radio) is a license-free service available in the UK and Europe for personal or business use. Note that Baofeng UV-5R radios do not fully comply with PMR446 specifications (e.g., Baofeng radios do not have a fixed antenna, as well they well exceed the 0.5 W ERP).

However, they are often used for this purpose by modifying their settings:

Channels 1-8 (Analog)

  • 446.00625 MHz
  • 446.01875 MHz
  • 446.03125 MHz
  • 446.04375 MHz
  • 446.05625 MHz
  • 446.06875 MHz
  • 446.08125 MHz
  • 446.09375 MHz

Channels 9-16 (Digital)

  • 446.103125 MHz
  • 446.109375 MHz
  • 446.115625 MHz
  • 446.121875 MHz
  • 446.128125 MHz
  • 446.134375 MHz
  • 446.140625 MHz
  • 446.146875 MHz

Marine VHF

Not recommended for use with Baofeng UV-5R

Marine VHF channels are reserved for maritime communication and require a Marine Radio Operator’s Certificate.

Other Frequencies

UK Simple Light (Business Use, License Required)

  • 449.3125 MHz
  • 449.4000 MHz
  • 449.4750 MHz

UK General (Business Use, License Required)

  • 456.8125 MHz
  • 457.0375 MHz
  • 457.0500 MHz
  • 457.0875 MHz
  • 457.1125 MHz
  • 457.1375 MHz

Important Notes

  • Compliance: Ensure that you comply with all local regulations and licensing requirements when using these frequencies.
  • Interference: Be aware of potential interference with other services and users.
  • Programming: Properly program your Baofeng UV-5R to avoid using unauthorized frequencies.

Always refer to Ofcom and other regulatory bodies for the most current and specific regulations regarding frequency use in the UK.

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