Crore Rupees to US Dollar (USD) Conversion Calculator

This tool converts currency Indian Crores to US Dollar equivalent


  • Exchange Rate (number of rupees to one dollar)
  • Number of crores in Indian Rupees
  • The calculator will find the equivalent in US$

🔁 USD to Crore


US$ = (Number of Crores * 107)/(Exchange Rate)

Where Exchange Rate is the number of Rupees (₹) to One US Dollar

One Crore is equal to 10,000,000

Example Calculations

For an exchange rate of 84 Rupees to One Dollar,

  • 5 crores INR is equivalent to US$595,238
  • A salary of 1 crore INR is equivalent to US$119,048
  • 1000 crores is equivalent to US$119,560,019
  • 100 crore rupees is approximately 12 million US dollars

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