5 Best AM / FM Antenna for Outdoor Use in 2024 – RF Engineer picks favorites!

Even with the continuous emergence of more modern and advanced communication and entertainment devices, AM / FM radios have managed to remain relevant today. And people who use these radios on a day-to-day basis know that investing in a good antenna is very important to maximizing a radio’s functions. So, we’ve reviewed five of the best AM/FM antenna for stereo receivers. Our top pick is the Stellar Labs Outdoor FM Antenna Omnidirectional while the Tesslor FM Loop Antenna provides the longest range.

Before we dive into the details, let’s take a quick look at how our picks compare.

ProductRange (miles)Gain (dBi)Ease of Install
Editor’s Pick – Stellar Labs 20-8044.5/5
Longest Range – Tesslor-USA 10054.5/5
Clear Reception – Stellar Labs Directional60-7074.9/5
Best Value – Winegard HD-6010 30-7004.8/5
Best for Marine Environment – Herdio 1034.3/5

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The Detailed Review

Editor’s Pick – Stellar Labs Outdoor FM Antenna Omnidirectional

Stellar Labs’ FM Antenna is our top pick for a lot of good reasons. First, its rugged build makes it suitable for outdoor use. Second, it is designed with a coiled rod, with a 17.75 inch diameter, which gives it a better chance of receiving signal from all directions, 20-80 miles away. That means more channels and better reception. Specifically, it can pick up signal between 87.5 MHz to 108 MHz.

Stellar Labs,Outdoor FM Antenna OMNIDIRECTIONAL

Next, it is very easy to install and is built to survive challenging weather conditions. If your area gets windy a lot of times, this product will survive, despite it weighing only 1.6 pounds. It has a maximum gain of 4 dB and an impedance of 75 ohm. So, if you want to enjoy more station options and better sound quality, this omnidirectional antenna from Stellar Labs might be what you’re looking for.


  • Can receive signal from all directions
  • Has a coiled rod for better reception
  • Easy to mount
  • Lightweight


  • Rod needs to be looped manually during installation


Based on reviews, the Stellar Labs Omnidirectional has solved a lot of users’ problems with poor signal. A number of users mentioned that this antenna has excellent reception and can pick up signal as far as 80 miles. Buyers also experienced better sound quality, mostly getting rid of unwanted noises and Radio Frequency RF interference. Although this is an outdoor antenna, there are users who placed this in the attic and the product delivered the same impressive results. In terms of installation, the antenna is very easy to mount and setting it up was easy for most users.

Longest Range – Tesslor-USA FM Loop Antenna Outdoor, Attic-Mount and RV FM Antenna

Tesslor-USA’s Antenna is a competitive runner-up with a reported range of 100+ miles. This may be because of its looped rod with a 21.5-inch diameter, that gives a wider surface area for receiving signal. At 1.0 pound, it is lightweight but is well-built. It is made of heavy-duty materials that can withstand outdoor environments. Tesslor-USA is a trusted brand for maintaining product excellence. In other words, this product is not only sturdy, but also delivers excellent results in terms of reception and sound quality.

FM Loop Antenna Outdoor, Attic-Mount and RV FM Antenna


  • Can pick up signal from all directions
  • Has wide surface area for receiving signal
  • Easy to install
  • Can detect signal 100 miles away


  • Reported missing screws in some packages


According to reviews, the best thing about this antenna is it is easy to assemble. It is easy to set up whether it is in one’s garage, attic, or rooftop. A lot of users also mentioned that, after using this antenna, they were able to listen to stations they never got decent signals from before. Some users claim that putting it in an “S” form gets better reception.

Best for Interference Free Reception – Stellar Labs Outdoor FM Antenna Four Element Directional

This FM Antenna Four Element Directional from Stellar Labs is another one worth trying, not only because of its affordability, but also because of its notable performance. It can pick up signals as far as 60-70 miles away, along the 87.5 – 108 MHz frequency range.

Four Element Directional Outdoor FM Antenna

It is a four-element directional Yagi-type antenna which means that users who want to pick up signal from a specific area will have better chances of being able to do so. As it is a directional antenna, there is less interference from unwanted sources once it is able to pick up signal from the direction it points to. It has a gain of 7 dB and an impedance of 75 ohm, which means that sound received is crystal clear.


  • Lower Radio Interference on account of directionality


  • Slightly shorter range than other antennas


Users are happy with this antenna because they are able to reach distant stations. There is also less interference experienced because reception focuses on certain directions. There are some who believe that the Directional Antenna needs an additional element but most users who have tried installing this in their homes are satisfied with the result. Some even say that this might be omnidirectional because it is still able to pick up signal from almost all directions.

Best Value – Winegard HD-6010 HD FM Radio Antenna

One of the best long-range antenna is Winegard’s HD-6010. It is a 2.7-pound unit that has an impressive feature set and range, which is claimed to be at 30-70 miles. It can pick up frequencies, between 88-108 MHz, from all directions. It has a compact turnstile design which makes for easy installation. In fact, it can easily be mounted on a pipe with a 2-inch diameter. It has a 3dB gain and an impedance of 75 ohm. Users who want an antenna that is both far-reaching and affordable would want to purchase one of these.

Winegard HD-6010 HD FM Radio Antenna


  • Affordable with rich features
  • Has a compact design


  • In some cases, transformer may have to be bought separately


A lot of users have tried using this to improve reception on their television and most swear that this product works great. Some report being able to pick up stations which are 35-60 miles away. According to reviews, it works better than a simple di-pole and is really ideal for outdoor use. Another thing that users like about this product is it is very affordable yet delivers amazing results.

Best for Marine Environment – Herdio Waterproof Marine Radio Antenna

The outdoors includes coastal areas that have different environmental conditions. In these settings, a waterproof antenna is more appropriate. We found the best waterproof outdoor antenna from a manufacturer that’s an expert in producing high quality marine equipment – Herdio.

Herdio Waterproof Marine Antenna Rubber Duck Dipole Flexible Mast FM AM Antenna for Boat Radio Car ATV UTV RZR SPA-Black

This 17-inch marine radio antenna has a signal range of 10 miles when installed in marine boat cars. It is easy to adjust when needed because of its flexible mast that can swing 180-degrees. As an outdoor antenna specifically built for water environment, it is waterproof and its made of materials that are corrosion-resistant. It comes with a fifty-five inch cable that allows users the flexibility of installing it in different parts of their marine vehicle where signal reception is best achieved.


  • Waterproof and corrosion-resistant
  • Has a 180-degree swivel base


  • Some parts may be fragile


Users not only love this antenna because of its waterproof and corrosion-resistant features. A lot mentioned that it is also compact and easy to install. Most had no trouble getting signal and that the product works great even during marine travel. Other comments state that the product is well-built and sturdy.

How We Picked the Best Products for This Article

Build Quality

Build quality is the first consideration for our product picks since we are looking for an outdoor antenna. We need products that will last through changing weather conditions – including harsh ones – in an outdoor setting. While some brands are known to uphold product quality, we also checked for testimonies from users. Products must be heavy-duty and have a rugged build.


Ideal places for antennas to maximize reception are rooftops. Since we know that it’s hard enough to find and reach the best installation spots, users don’t need the burden of a complicated setup process. Therefore, our list includes only products that are easy to install. Assembly and mounting must be hassle-free for users of all ages. We also added variety by including products that are more ideal in marine environments.

When considering the use of a directional antenna, it might make sense to check out an antenna rotator to make adjustments that maximize signal without having to climb a roof every time an adjustment is needed.


Range is, of course, a very important factor especially that the products will be used outdoors for the purpose of getting signal from hard-to-reach stations. Most of our picks have a nominal range of at least 30 miles. While this is enough for probably a handful of users, we also wanted to make sure we find the best long-range products. So, upon checking reviews, we found out that there are antennas are capable of receiving signal from sources that are 50-100 miles away. Remember though that the longer the range, the more FM transmissions you’ll pick up. For instance you might even pick up a number of transmissions from FM transmitters that are used for drive-ins or parking lot events.

User Reviews

One of the most reliable parameters for determining a product’s quality and performance is what customers say. User reviews give more details about a product’s specifications and, sometimes, give more information as to what actually come with the package, and what things are missing if there are any. Users share things that are not always found in Product Specifications sections and therefore allow curious buyers to better assess a product before purchasing.


Give yourself more channel options when using your radio. An AM/FM antenna for stereo receiver will do the job of getting those elusive radio signals for you so it truly is a smart decision to buy one. We hope to have made scouting the market easier for you with our recommendations.

As a recap here is a list of our top picks for Best Outdoor AM / FM Antenna: