Best Bluetooth Transmitter for Car in 2024

Do you have an older car with no Bluetooth? While that might be inconvenient, you can still easily stream music from your phone to your car stereo.

All you need is a Bluetooth FM transmitter.

FM transmitters are fairly inexpensive plug-and-play devices with a variety of other useful features like an option to charge your phone and hands-free communication. There are many options available on the market today at different price point, quality and features. We’ve done the detailed research and found that the Guanda FM Transmitter is the top pick. Coming in at a close second is the Nulaxy FM transmitter.

In this article,in addition to detailed product reviews, we’ve also provided a detailed buyer’s guide with our research methodology. So without further ado, let’s get to it.

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Our Top Pick: Guanda Technologies FM Transmitter

This FM transmitter comes with some impressive features.  One of the vibrant features of this device is its 1.8” Color Screen that is designed for a clear and brighter view. The Guanda FM Transmitter displays useful information like song name, battery voltage, connection status, and other things. The screen is fixed at the end of a rotatable metal hose that makes it easier to adjust according to the user’s comfort.

Upgraded Bluetooth FM Transmitter for Car, Wireless Radio Adapter Kit W 1.8" Color Display Hands-Free Call AUX in/Out SD/TF Card USB Charger QC3.0 for All Smartphones Audio Players - Black

Unlike other transmitters, this product has a power-off option that is very helpful and saves your car’s battery. On top of that, this transmitter has 2 USB ports for charging and another one for reading U disk up to 32 GB. This FM transmitter also has multiple streaming options which include:

  • Bluetooth Connection
  • TF-Card
  • U Disk
  • Aux

This FM transmitter also comes with the Adopting CVC noise reduction technology and a very highly sensitive microphone which enhances the user experience during the call.

User Reviews

According to the reviews, any user confirmed that this product was totally worth the bucks. The only drawback faced by some users is that it does not support calling when using the Aux port. In order to receive the call, you must swap over to FM and then receive the call. Some of the costumers got defective products but the customer service reached out to them and got the product replaced.


  • Great Display
  • Good Sound Quality
  • High compatibility
  • Multiple Streaming Options
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Excellent Customer support


  • Price
  • Aux is not compatible with calls
  • Some devices may have been found to have weak Bluetooth connectivity

Runner Up: Nulaxy FM Transmitter

Unlike the VicTsing Upgraded version, the Nulaxy transmitter has a very compact and simple design. This transmitter comes along with a 1.4” screen that displays which also displays the car’s battery, using a voltmeter, along with other useful information. Nulaxy FM transmitter comes with one USB port for charging and a slot for a TF card.

Nulaxy Wireless in-Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter Radio Adapter Car Kit W 1.44 Inch Display Supports TF/SD Card and USB Car Charger for All Smartphones Audio Players-KM18

This device supports multiple streaming options which include:

  • TF Card
  • Aux
  • Bluetooth

The button control system on this device is quite reliable and well-designed which makes the navigation easier. With all these brilliant features, there are some drawbacks to this device. First and foremost, the sound quality on this device is not so great when compared to the Guanda unit. It is recommended to use a 3.5mm jack for better sound quality.

User Reviews

The customers looked pretty satisfied with the product overall. But some of the people faced problem when activating Siri on their MAC devices. Some users also faced the battery drainage problem due to the unavailability of power-off button.


  • Good built quality
  • Multiple Streaming Options
  • Great buttons setup for navigation
  • The design is compact and simple
  • Advanced Noise Reduction feature


  • Doesn’t display caller ID on display
  • Sound is not so great on Bluetooth
  • No power off button

Budget Pick: JETech Wireless FM Transmitter

The JETech FM transmitter lies on the lower end price point but it is definitely a product to consider if you don’t want to spend more on an FM transmitter. This transmitter has a USB port for charging and an aux for streaming music from your mobile phone. Unfortunately, there is no Bluetooth connectivity option on this device.

The radio transmission on this device is quite good but users have experienced some issues with the aux. For a transmitter at this price point, the JETech FM transmitter is quite good and does the job in a pretty convincing manner.

Customer Reviews

This device is on the lower end of the budget so there is not much that you can expect from this transmitter. The users were to too satisfied by the build quality of the device and the charging option. Nevertheless, the device has a decent sound quality and does just what it should. Some users have faced problems with the aux but it was very rare.


  • Price
  • Good Sound quality
  • Charging option


  • Less compatible due to lack of Bluetooth
  • Buttons are not so great

Notable Mention #1: Criacr [Upgraded Version] FM Transmitter

Making it to the number one spot on the notable list is the Criacr FM Transmitter. It is a compact size FM Transmitter with great sound quality. This transmitter has 2 USB ports for charging and supports multiple streaming options that include:

  • TF/SD Card
  • Bluetooth
  • U disc.

Upgraded Bluetooth FM Transmitter for Car, Wireless Radio Adapter Kit W 1.8" Color Display Hands-Free Call AUX in/Out SD/TF Card USB Charger QC3.0 for All Smartphones Audio Players - Black

Criacr Transmitter has a volume control knob on the top that is very helpful when listening to music. Other than that, the transmitter has a high-quality microphone with echo cancelation and noise suppression technology that enhances the calling experience.

Unlike the transmitters mentioned earlier, this transmitter lacks extra features like a display screen, power off button, and others.

User Reviews

Most of the users were very happy with the Criacr Transmitter due to its durability. But some of the customers experienced some noise issues during radio transmission in their cars with this transmitter. In old cars, some users complained about the transmitter getting stuck in lighter socket.


  • Compact and simple design
  • Good sound quality
  • Durable build
  • Great calling experience
  • Supports multiple streaming options


  • Price
  • Noise issue in some cars
  • The transmitter sometimes gets stuck in the socket
  • Lacks extra features

Notable Mention #2: Anker Roav

Anker Roav is a transmitter with a minimalist design and packed with a lot of great features.  This transmitter features Bluetooth 5.0 that ensures a very secure and stable connection with the phone. Another key feature of this device is its PowerIQ 3.0 technology which delivers 18W high-speed charging to mobile devices with USB-C or lightning port. There is also a simple 5W charging USB port to charge multiple devices at once.

ROAV SmartCharge F2 Bluetooth FM Transmitter, Wireless Audio Adapter and Receiver, Car Charger with Bluetooth, Car Locator, App Support, 2 USB Ports, PowerIQ

This transmitter also has some other useful features like the power off button helps you to keep the battery safe in case you forget to plug out the device. The AUX on this device also performs really well and the noise cancellation feature works quite well.

User Review

According to the reviews, the Anker Roav proved itself to be very good especially in fast charging. However, some users complain about the call quality not being up to the standards. Also, the BT volume on this device is somewhat low which may require the user to crank up the radio’s volume. This in turn can cause static so it is recommended to use aux in such cases.


  • Good design and build quality
  • Supports 18 W fast charging
  • Power-off feature to protect the battery
  • Bluetooth connection is very stable and secure
  • Great Aux performance


  • Price is high
  • Low Bluetooth volume
  • Calling experience is not that great

What does a Bluetooth FM transmitter do?

A Bluetooth FM transmitter receives an audio stream from your phone over Bluetooth. It re-transmits this audio using Frequency Modulation in the broadcast band of 88-108 MHz. Every car – old or new, has an FM radio. So it’s possible to tune in to the FM broadcast frequency of your transmitter and listen to the music over your car stereo! It’s really that simple. No complicated configuration, settings or programming needed.

How to choose the best FM transmitter?

Before we dive into the best choices available in the market, let us have a look at the features that one must consider before buying any FM transmitter for a car.

  • Compatibility

A good FM transmitter is compatible with devices other than smartphones. These devices may also include mp3 players, U Disks, or any other device.

  • Frequency Range

An optimal frequency range allows the user to access more channels and get stable performance. Usually, the transmitters with a wide range of frequencies are considered the best.

  • Sound Quality

Sound quality is the key feature of an FM transmitter. This separates a premium FM transmitter from a mediocre one. A top-notch transmitter usually has less distortion making the sound quality better.

  • Extra Features

Extra features are the ones that may not be related to the connectivity and sound but they are very useful and enhance the user experience by quite a margin. These features include a color display, fast charging support, noise-canceling, and others.


So this was our review of the top-rated FM transmitters for cars. All the products on the list are great at what they’re supposed to do. Of course, some being better than others in terms of features. There are some inexpensive options like the JETech but if you can spend some extra bucks than Guanda Transmitter is probably the best choice to go for. All The extra dollars that you put into this device are totally worth it and will enhance your experience by a lot.

In summary here are our picks for the Best Bluetooth FM Transmitter for your car: