Best DAB Radio Aerials for Car in 2024

Moving through certain areas can cause the signal of your car DAB radio to drop. Nobody wants to experience that while listening to their favorite DAB channel.

A car aerial – in particular one that can be strategically placed does wonders for signal reception. The Eightwood DAB Car Radio Aerial is our top pick.

There are however other antennas in the market and there are factors you should consider before choosing the best suitable one.

We’ve assessed a lot of products during our research and have curated a list of the best in the market. Continue reading to see our detailed review of this product and others on our list.

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Editor’s Choice – Eightwood Splitter DAB Car Radio Aerial

Top Features

  • DAB, SMB connector
  • AM/FM, DIN connector
  • SMA connector
  • Roof-mounted aerial
  • 5m cable

Eightwood DAB Car Aerial DAB Car Radio Antenna Splitter Amplified SMA SMB Adapter Digital DAB with 5M 16.4ft Extension Cable Compatible for DAB+ AM/FM Car Radio Blaupunkt Pioneer Clarion Alpine JVC

The Eightwood Splitter DAB Car Radio Aerial is without any doubt, our top pick. There are many reasons for this choice but first on the list is its outstanding reception. This antenna works excellently while on the move and in areas with poor reception. You can expect to get all your favorite DAB channels at once. It does not only pick up DAB signals but can also improve your AM/FM reception. As a roof-mounted antenna, it is angled which improves its aesthetic. The Antenna is approximately 10″ in length and requires a hole diameter of 10.5mm. It also has a cable length of 5m.


  • It works for both DAB and FM radio
  • Reception is great
  • The cable is long enough


  • Installation might require time
  • It has no instruction for installation

User Reviews

Users have praised the excellent reception of this aerial, especially for DAB channels. Some have advised checking the antenna hole of your car as you might have to drill a larger hole. They also advise to check YouTube videos for installation instructional videos.

Runner-up: Esuper Universal Active DAB Car Radio Antenna

Top Features

  • Magnetic base
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor
  • MCX male
  • Signal amplifiers

Improved DAB Aerial, Esuper Universal Active DAB Antenna With MCX Connector + Powerful Magnetic Base + 3M Cable for Digital DAB Car Radio Adapter - Suit for Installing Indoor/Outdoor/Roof Mount

The Esuper Universal Active DAB Car Radio Antenna is our runner-up. The DAB signal reception is strong and remains so in poor signal areas. It can be used outdoors for cars and indoors at home. The cable length is 3m and the amplifier, located along its length, should be kept inside the car because it’s not waterproof. Although it has a magnetic base, when fixing to a non-magnetic surface, make use of double-sided tape to install the base in the car. If you need a similar antenna but with an SMA connector, you should consider purchasing the Cootway DAB car aerial.


  • Easy to install
  • It has a signal amplifier
  • It can be used indoor (inside the car or in the house) and outdoor
  • Magnetic adhesion is strong


  • The amplifier works with 5V/1A DAB radios only
  • The cable might need to be extended if the antenna is kept at the rear end of the roof

User Reviews

Users have complimented how easy it is to install and how its reception remains great irrespective of location. Some have complained that the antenna starts to rusts after a while due to exposure to weather.

Best Dipole Antenna: Eightwood Dipole DAB Car Radio Aerial

Top Features

  • Glass Mount
  • SMB connector
  • DAB/DAB+
  • Indoor/outdoor

Eightwood DAB Car Radio Aerial DAB Aerial SMB Adapter DAB Digtial Car Radio DAB Antenna Glass Mount with 3M 9.8ft Cable Compatible for DAB Car Radio Pioneer Clarion Kenwood Alpine JVC

This dipole antenna has an overall aerial length of 15cm while its cable is 3m long. It is easy to install requiring you to simply peel off the adhesion. Before mounting the antenna on glass, you are to ensure it is clean and dry. It has an SMB connector but in the case where that does not fit your radio, you can purchase standalone plugs. An example is the Eightwood DAB Aerial SMB to SMA Adapter Kit.


  • Easy to install
  • The cable is long enough for invisible laying
  • It can also pick up DAB+ channels


  • Unsuitable for reflective coated or heated screen
  • The reception is not very stable

User Reviews

Users have commented that this unit is easy to install and quick with its self-adhesion. Some users have praised its reception while some complain that it trips once the car starts moving. Users have advised that the antenna be mounted vertically for better reception.

Cheapest – DriveSmart Glass Mount DAB Car Radio Aerial

Top Features

  • Windscreen mount
  • Right angle structure
  • DAB/DAB+
  • SMB connector
  • 3m cable

DriveSmart DAB Car Aerial DAB+ Replacement Antenna SMB Right Angle DAB Digtial Car Radio Glass Windscreen Mount Antenna 3M. Fits Pioneer AN-DAB1 Clarion Kenwood Alpine JVC

This is one of the cheapest DAB radio antennas for cars you can find. It has a unique right-angle design that allows it to be placed on the windscreen discreetly. It is to be mounted on glass. It has a 3m cable and an SMB conductor at its end. During installation, it needs to be grounded. The windscreen also has to be free from dust and dried before using the adhesion.


  • It is discrete
  • The cable is long enough for most vehicles
  • It comes with an instruction leaflet


  • Unsuitable for windscreens with heat reflective coating because the coating affects radio reception
  • Does not work for FM signals

User Reviews

Users have commented that this DAB antenna for car is easy to install and it gives more value than what it costs. They have advised that grounding the antenna does improve the reception.

How we Picked the Best Products for this Article

There are many manufacturers of DAB antenna for cars and with each product released, there are promises made in the advertisement. It can be hard to figure out what’s true and what’s simply a sales strategy. That’s why we’ve gone through the pain of reviewing a lot of these products. These are the factors we considered in our screening process.


The reason for purchasing an antenna is to improve the reception of your DAB radio. This factor is the most important factor we considered in our screening process. The antennas in our list have good reception even in areas that generally have poor reception.


Most of the antennas on our list can only be placed outside the car. For this reason, we made sure to consider the size of the antenna. For those that would be mounted on the windscreen, their design structure is discrete enough to avoid being a distraction to the driver. For those mounted on the roof of the car, they look similar to the antennas that were built-in with the car so they easily replace them.

Ease of Installation

We believe that a radio antenna should not warrant using the service of a technician. Most of antennas on the list can easily be fixed by every car owner.


A car will be in motion most times so the adhesion of the antenna to the body of the car needs to be strong. For those that are not installed with the use of screws, the adhesive used lasts long as long as the precautions are taken.

Antenna Location

Although two antennas on our list can be used indoors and they work well, based on users reviews, reception is strongest when the antennas are placed outside.


A car ride is always more fun when you have music or your favorite show to enjoy. You do not want to have a road trip without great reception for your DAB radio. The use of external antennas is popularly known to improve reception. We have done market research to pick out the best products for you.

Our picks for the best DAB radio aerials for cars are: