Best Oscilloscope for Beginners in 2024

Starting in electronics can be exciting but also a bit overwhelming because of all the tools out there. One key tool is the oscilloscope. It lets you see electrical signals and understand what’s happening in your circuits. Finding the right oscilloscope is important, especially for beginners.

This article will guide you through the best oscilloscopes that are easy to use, affordable, and packed with useful features. They are perfect for anyone just starting out or looking to get better at electronics. With the right oscilloscope, learning and troubleshooting can become much easier and more fun.

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Top Pick – Hantek DSO2C10 Digital Storage Oscilloscope

Our top pick is a benchtop instrument with an impressive set of features.

Hantek DSO2C10 Digital Storage Oscilloscope 100MHz Bandwidth 2CH Dual Channel 1GSa/s 8M Memory Depth

Main Features

Bandwidth and Sample Rate: The DSO2C10 offers a bandwidth of 100 MHz, which is suitable for a wide range of electronics projects. It also boasts a 1 GS/s sample rate that can provide detailed and accurate waveform representations, crucial for thorough analysis.

Channels: It features two channels, allowing users to observe and compare two signals simultaneously. This is particularly useful for debugging complex circuits.

Storage: With digital storage capabilities, users can capture and store waveforms for later analysis. This feature is vital for comparing current measurements with past data or for documenting findings.


The oscillscope packs many features at a very compelling price point relative to the competition. For instance, 100 MHz bandwidth scopes from Rigol or Siglent come at a higher price point. Other important features are Display, Built-in measurement functions, USB connectivity, PC software support and Usability.


Some customers have reported issues with poor customer support.

⭐ For an added bonus we recommend the unit with the built-in Arbitrary Waveform Generator.

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Runner Up – HANMATEK DOS1102 Digital Oscilloscope

Our second pick is another 100 MHz oscilloscope designed to cater to a wide range of diagnostic and analytical needs in electronics. It stands out for its blend of performance, usability, and affordability.

HANMATEK 110mhz Bandwidth DOS1102 Digital Oscilloscope with 2 Channels and Screen 7 inch / 18 cm, TFT-LCD Display, Portable Professional Oscilloscope Kit with 500 MS/s *2 Sampling Rate

Main Features

Bandwidth – It offers a bandwidth of 110 MHz, making it suitable for observing a wide range of signals, from low-frequency audio signals to higher frequency electronic signals. (The sampling rate of 500 MS/s is lower than the Hantek which means the noise performance won’t be as good).

Channels: It features two channels, allowing users to observe and compare two signals simultaneously – for instance Clock and Data.


The Hanmatek DOS1102 is positioned as the most affordable benchtop option for beginners needing a reliable oscilloscope without a significant investment, offering a good balance between cost and performance.


Customers have complained about the lack of a website with proper documentation. While PC support is advertised it doesn’t appear to be a focus for the company.

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Oscilloscope and Multimeter in oneHANMATEK Handheld Digital Oscilloscope

The HANMATEK Handheld Digital Oscilloscope, with its 50 MHz bandwidth, is an appealing choice for beginners who need a portable and efficient tool for troubleshooting and analyzing electronic circuits on the go.

⭐ The built-in multimeter is a useful bonus.

HANMATEK Handheld Digital Oscilloscope 50Mhz Bandwidth with 2 Channels HO52 3.5"TFT Mini Oscilloscope, 2 in 1 Oscilloscope and Multimeter, Backlit Screen, Auto-Calibration Function, Memory Function

Main Features

Portability and Design: The standout feature of the HANMATEK Handheld Oscilloscope is its portability. Compact and lightweight, it’s designed for ease of use in the field, lab or in a classroom setting. The robust construction ensures durability, while the ergonomic design makes it comfortable to hold and operate for extended periods.

Display and Usability: Equipped with a vivid color display, the oscilloscope offers clear visibility of waveforms and data under various lighting conditions. The interface is intuitive, making it accessible for beginners yet sufficiently detailed for more experienced users.

Performance: With a 50 MHz bandwidth, this oscilloscope is well-suited for a wide range of applications, including audio electronics, digital logic analysis, and general troubleshooting. The sampling rate is adequate for capturing detailed waveforms, and the dual-channel functionality allows for comparative analyses which are essential in diagnostics and educational environments.


The device shines with features like multiple measurement functions, waveform storage, and PC connectivity, enhancing its versatility. Its battery life supports several hours of continuous use, making it ideal for fieldwork without constant access to power.


50 MHz bandwidth might limit high-frequency applications, and the documentation could be improved for better clarity on advanced features.

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CheapestAUKUYEE 2.4″TFT Mini Portable Oscilloscope

The AUKUYEE 2.4″ TFT Mini Portable Oscilloscope is a compact, budget-friendly tool designed for electronics hobbyists, students, and professionals who need a simple, portable device for basic signal testing and troubleshooting.

Handheld Digital Oscilloscope Kit - AUKUYEE 2.4"TFT Mini Portable Oscilloscope, with Power Supply and BNC-Clip Cable Probe Q15001

Main Features

Portability and Build Quality: The device’s small size and light weight are among its greatest advantages, making it exceptionally easy to carry in a pocket or tool kit. The 2.4″ TFT screen, while not large, is sufficiently clear and colorful, providing decent visibility for waveform analysis in various lighting conditions. The build quality is adequate for the price, offering a solid feel that should withstand regular use.

Performance and Features: The device’s bandwidth and sampling rate are suited for hobbyist projects and educational purposes, offering a straightforward introduction to oscilloscope use without overwhelming beginners.

Ease of Use: The oscilloscope’s interface is designed with simplicity in mind. Its straightforward control scheme allows users to quickly learn how to adjust settings and interpret waveforms. The menu system is intuitive, making it accessible even for those with minimal experience with such devices.


Affordability, ease of use, and solid battery life make it an attractive option


Single channel and Low Sampling rate of 1 MS/s limits the scope of measurement applications.

What we look for in an oscilloscope

  1. Ease of Use: How intuitive the controls and interface are. A user-friendly design is crucial for beginners.
  2. Functionality: Range of measurements the scope can perform, accuracy, and whether it meets the basic needs of your projects or automotive diagnostics.
  3. Portability: What is the size, weight, and battery life.
  4. Build Quality: The durability of the oscilloscope. It should withstand regular use, especially if you’ll be using it in a workshop or outdoor environment.
  5. Value for Money: Does the oscilloscope offer good features and performance for its price point? In the case of a beginner, we don’t recommend buying a scope that costs more than $200
  6. Customer Support: What is the manufacturer’s customer service, warranty, and support. Good support can be invaluable if you encounter issues.
  7. Additional Features: Some oscilloscopes come with extra features like data logging, PC connectivity, or specific functions for automotive diagnostics. See if any reviewers found these features particularly useful or lacking.


Here are our top picks for Best Beginner Oscilloscopes

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Siglent Technologies SDS1202X-E 200 mhz Digital Oscilloscope 2 Channels, Grey

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