Best Portable Voice Amplifier for Classrooms in 2024 – Teach without losing your voice!

Updated on April 11, 2024

Portable voice amplifiers also known as “around the neck voice amplifiers” have become an invaluable tool for teachers. With social distancing measures in place globally, these amplifiers allow you to easily project your voice over larger spaces than before. Teachers can now use these devices even with masks on and they don’t have to scream to be heard clearly across the classroom.

We have done detailed research and found that the best portable voice amplifier is the Winbridge S92 Pro. With some unique features this product differentiates itself. Read on for our detailed review of the best voice amplifiers and buyer’s guide.

  • Handheld Bluetooth and U8 wireless headset microphones

  • Supports remote operation

  • Lightweight

  • Large 4400 mAh Battery

  • Waterproof

  • 3-in-1 Amplifier, MP3 Player, Power Bank

  • Cost-effective

  • Highly portable

  • Multiple modes of operation

  • Reverb feature

  • 12 hour battery life

  • Built-in radio

  • Durable design

  • 12 hour battery life

  • MP3 support with TF card or USB drive

  • Small and lightweight

  • Includes MP3 player, FM radio 

  • Includes recording feature

The Detailed Review

Our Top Pick – WINBRIDGE S92 Pro

After in-depth research of the available portable voice amplifiers on Amazon, we decided that the Winbridge S92 Pro should be awarded the best portable voice amplifier overall. The Winbridge S92 Pro is the newer version of the S92. With this device, you get all the possibilities from the S92 and more. Some of the key attributes are that this pro version comes with a handheld Bluetooth microphone and U8 wireless headset microphone, whereas the earlier version featured a transmitter and a boom microphone.

W WINBRIDGE S92 Pro Portable PA System -25W Bluetooth Speaker with Dual Wireless Microphones, Wireless Voice Amplifier with Headset Mic and Handheld Mic for Presentations, Teaching, Karaoke

This device can also be used as a karaoke machine (zero treble, bass, or Echo). Users can place the amplifier in the middle of a room of 50-150 people, and the sound can get to distances as far as 50 feet. Another feature of the Winbridge S92 Pro that this device allows you to connect both microphones simultaneously, which is excellent for teaching type of meetings.

A user noted that you will need to keep the microphone and speaker several feet apart to avoid getting a feedback sound.


  • The unit is light
  • Supports remote operation with wireless headset and microphone


  • Poorly written instruction manual
  • The headset has to be very close to the mouth to project sound

Best for outdoors – SHIDU Bluetooth Voice Amplifier

Our second top pick for the best portable Amplifier is the 3-in-1 Shidu Bluetooth voice Amplifier. The device can perform excellently as an amplifier, a MP3 player, and users can also use it as a power bank for emergencies.

Wireless Voice Amplifier Bluetooth Teacher Microphone 18W Waterproof Portable Voice Amplifier Headset Mic Rechargeable Voice Enhancer Personal Microphone for Classroom Outdoors

The Shidu Bluetooth voice Amplifier packs a big 4400 mAH battery, which is the largest battery on any amplifier on this list.  It is also waterproof, so you can use it outdoors without worrying about damaging it in the rain.

Wireless Voice Amplifier Bluetooth Teacher Microphone 18W Waterproof Portable Voice Amplifier Headset Mic Rechargeable Voice Enhancer Personal Microphone for Classroom Outdoors

With the Shidu Bluetooth voice Amplifier, you don’t have to worry or be limited to using wired microphones as the device supports wireless microphones. Other features include a power rating of 18W, charging time of 3-5 hours, and it can be in use for 10-12 hours depending on the volume. To record with this device, you will need to insert an SD card or USB flash.


  • Comes with a 3-in-1 technology, Power bank, Amplifier, and MP3 Player
  • Large Battery life


  • Feels heavy
  • Poor return Policy

Best Budget Pick – Judiferty Portable Voice Amplifier

For the best budget pick, we decided to go with the Judiferty portable amplifier. Not only is its cost almost unbeatable, it also gives the best value for the price and packs many basic features every good amplifier should have.

The Judiferty portable amplifier is perhaps one of the lightest around, weighing just 12.8 ounces. It comes with a clip that you can attach to your belt for ease of movement. You can also use the waistband that comes with it and hang it around your waist or neck.

ZOWEETEK ZW-Z258 Portable Rechargeable Mini Voice Amplifier with Wired Microphone Headset and Waistband, PA Systems,Supports MP3 Format Audio for Teachers, Singing, Training, Presentation, Tour Guide

There are several modes like the voice amplifier mode, recording mode, speaker mode, radio mode, music mode. The Judiferty portable amplifier can also cover distances as far as 10000 sqft and can stay in use for 8 hours.

Many teachers recommend this product and say that it is the best product for the cost as it enables them to communicate with their students without shouting since we are in a time where wearing a face mask is compulsory and necessary.


  • Very portable
  • Inexpensive


Does not support wireless microphone

Most Popular – Giecy Voice Amplifier 

This amplifier comes with a high power rating 30 Watt and can cover a distance of 20000 sq.ft. The Giecy voice amplifier has a lithium battery of 2800 mAh, and users can use the amplifying function for as long as 12 hours or use it to play music for up to 8hours.

This device comes with Bluetooth support and can connect to any mobile Bluetooth device up to a distance of about 33 feet. It can also easily replace your usual speakers since it also supports SD card and USB flash. Users can choose to repeat a current song or perform a loop. 

Giecy Portable Voice Amplifier, 30W 2800mAh Bluetooth Rechargeable Personal Voice Amplifier with Microphone Headset, PA System Speaker for Multiple Locations Classroom, Meetings and Outdoors

There is also a feature that allows users to adjust the Giecy voice Amplifier to suit their environment. For instance, when outdoors, users can adjust the reverb to give a louder sound. While indoors, users can also set the reverb mode to indoors mode to reduce howling and provide a clear sound.

Users report that to get the right amount of amplification, you need to position the microphone well, and the Giecy is a little heavier than other portable voice amplifiers.


  • It has a built-in radio.
  • Features a reverb effect unlike other amplifiers
  • Battery life is fantastic


  • Weak Bluetooth connection
  • Little or no bass sound while in music mode

Best Value – Zoweetek Portable Rechargeable Mini Voice Amplifier

This fashionable rechargeable amplifier can be used indoors and outdoors by teachers, singers, guide coaches, and trainers. The Zoweetek portable amplifier is made using durable and wear-resistant materials. It comes with an adjustable microphone, and users can wear it around the waist or neck.

Some notable features of the Zoweetek portable amplifier include its ability to project up to a distance of 10000 square feet. Users need only charge it for 3-5 hours, and they can enjoy working time of up to 12 hours.

ZOWEETEK Voice Amplifier with UHF Wireless Microphone Headset,Voice Amplifier for Teachers with 2 Microphones,Portable PA System Speaker,Wireless Voice Amplifier,Perfect for Classroom,Meeting,Indoors

The Nd-Fe-B magnet used for the speakers ensures that users enjoy robust and precise sound coverage. The Zoweetek also works as an MP3 player. Users can connect it to their phones or connect a TF card or USB flash drive to play music.

Users who experience weakness in their voice due to one ailment or the other say that this device has saved them the trouble of having to repeat sentences. Teachers also say it’s useful for keeping their voices.


  • Battery is rechargeable
  • Offers long battery life
  • Great value for the price


Does not support Bluetooth

Best Lightweight – SHIDU S278

The device is better known as small but mighty. The Shidu S278 amplifier is proof that small size and lightweight are no excuse for low power rating. It has a power rating of 15W and is useful for talking to an audience of 20-65 people. The device has a battery capacity of 2500 mAH and has a run time of up to 12 hours.

Additionally, the Shidu S278 is not only an amplifier. Users can use it as an MP3 player as it supports SD card, USB flash, and Bluetooth function. You can also enjoy music by using the aux port. That’s not all; this device also has an FM player and can perform recordings.

S278 15W Lightweight Portable Rechargeable Mini Voice Amplifier with Headset Microphone Supports Bluetooth/Recording/FM Radio/MP3 for Teachers, Tour Guides and More

Many users find it easy to use for outdoor activities, and like that they can recharge it quickly. Many other users complained of the discomfort that comes with placing the headset on the head, so they have had to place it on their neck.


  • Super lightweight
  • Comes with Bluetooth support


The microphone is not wireless

How We Picked the Best Portable Voice Amplifier

The best portable voice amplifiers need to be easy to move around, easy to set up and reliable. They need to be able to amplify the user’s voice without straining the lungs or vocal cords. To select the best portable voice amplifier, these are some of the important factors we had to consider


In selecting the best amplifier users, we considered the Amplifier’s usability. We opted for devices that will not be super technical but easy to understand and operate. You don’t need to read and re-read the user manual to figure out how to use these devices. You shouldn’t require a PhD in RF engineering either. A portable voice amplifier should be very easy to use.


Under the Reliability of these Amplifiers, we checked through several reviews left by current and previous users using various methods to ascertain which amplifiers performed as expected. For  instance we analyzed feedback on Bluetooth range to verify manufacturer claims. In other cases  where battery capacity was the selling point we also confirmed from reviews that the battery performance was consistent with the manufacturer claims.


The features of every product is the first factor everybody considers. We tried to see which Amplifier had the most exciting or distinct features that users need and users will love to have. For instance, our top pick has wireless connectivity for both the headset and handheld microphones. This means that the device itself can be placed in the center of the room or somewhere central to the students. The teacher can move around freely at a greater distance. The second pick on the other hand is ideal for outdoor use as it is waterproof.


We know that users want be able to look at the product’s description and know immediately if it will be perfect to suit their needs. We tried to select the best amplifiers that put the documentation of their product into careful consideration.


Community support also helped us in making our decisions on the best portable Amplifiers. We selected products that had received active feedback and Q&A interest from customers. In many situations a manufacturer’s representative will participate actively in such discussions. This is an important factor in product selection.


During the pandemic teachers may want to wear a mask while teaching. In such situations, using a portable voice amplifier can be very beneficial as with a mask it can be even more difficult to project your voice across a classroom. In the video below, Dr. Jan Burkins shows how to wear a mask with your portable voice amplifier.


We conclude by saying the best portable voice amplifier should not only be an amplifier but should be able to pack a number of other useful features that you will need. Our top pick the Winbridge S92 Pro has these features, some of which include very good battery life, multi-microphone connection, MP3, and Bluetooth support and the freedom to use your Amplifier as a Karaoke machine.

In conclusion here are our top picks for a Portable Voice Amplifier for Teachers:

  1. Our Top Pick – WINBRIDGE S92 Pro
  2. Best for Outdoor Use – SHIDU Bluetooth Voice Amplifier
  3. Best Budget Pick – Judiferty Portable Voice Amplifier
  4. Most Popular – Giecy Voice Amplifier 
  5. Best Value – Zoweetek Portable Rechargeable Mini Voice Amplifier
  6. Best Lightweight – SHIDU S278

S278 15W Lightweight Portable Rechargeable Mini Voice Amplifier with Headset Microphone Supports Bluetooth/Recording/FM Radio/MP3 for Teachers, Tour Guides and More