Bias Tee (T) Calculator

This tool calculates the Capacitor and Inductor values for a Bias T design.

Enter the following:

  • Impedance
  • Impedance ratio
  • Frequency of operation


The minimum value of Capacitance is

C = 1/(2*π*f*Xc)

The Inductance value is

L = XL/(2*π*f)


  • f = Frequency of operation
  • Xc = R/n
  • XL = R*n
  • R = Impedance
  • n = Impedance Ratio


This calculator helps determine the Inductor and Capacitor values for a Bias Tee (also known as Bias T). Note that these are minimum values associated with the circuit.

Bias Tees are used in Software-defined radios and receivers.