[SOLVED] Corsair Wireless Mouse Not Working

My Corsair wireless mouse has issues every now and then. It stops working when I least expect and that makes for a very frustrating experience.

I decided to understand the different problems – did my research and created a reference that I (and others in my position) could refer to.

Now without further ado, let’s get into the details.

Table of Contents

Products covered

  • KATAR PRO Wireless Gaming Mouse
  • M65 Ultra gaming mouse
  • Harpoon RGB
  • Dark Core RGB
  • Ironclaw RGB
  • Sabre RGB

Turn Mouse On

Turn the mouse upside down and ensure that it’s turned On and switched to the appropriate mode (2.4 GHz or Bluetooth).

Corsair Mouse Wireless Select

If you use the 2.4 GHz option, make sure the wireless dongle is plugged into a working USB port.

If the Bluetooth option is preferred then your laptop or PC has to be enabled accordingly. The minimum version required is Bluetooth 4.0.

The mouse battery should be charged (in the section below we show you how to check the battery level).

Wireless Not Pairing

Change the USB port

Try plugging the wireless dongle to another USB port to see if the issue persists.

Try Bluetooth

Switch to Bluetooth and see if the mouse connects over Bluetooth. Make sure that the version of Bluetooth is 4.0 or later. If it connects, then there is a problem with the USB dongle.

But let’s try a few more things first.

Re-pair the Mouse

Plug the USB dongle in. You might need to repair the mouse in iCUE. To do this follow the steps here or below:

  • Under the settings tab, you will find device settings.
  • Select the mouse
  • Click the “USB Wireless Receiver Pairing Initiate” button.
  • Follow the instructions on the pop-up

That should repair the mouse and you should be able to connect over wireless.

Update the Firmware

Plug the mouse to the PC with the USB cable that was provided with the mouse (applies to the following products: Dark Core, Ironclaw, Sabre)

  • Check for updates on the mouse in iCUE. Keep the mouse plugged in until the updates are complete
  • Plug in the USB receiver and a notification should appear popped to update the receiver. Keep the receiver plugged in until this update is complete
  • Go to device setting on the mouse in the iCUE app
  • Click Pair
  • The USB receiver and mouse should now find each other and be connected.

If you’re still facing issues with connectivity, go to the next step.

Remove sources of RF Interference

Corsair Wireless Mice use the same frequencies as your Wi-Fi router, Microwave ovens. These devices can interfere with the operation of your mouse causing jitter, lag or an inability to connect over wireless. Even a USB 3 device such as a hard drive connected to your laptop can cause RF interference. The solution is to eliminate or remove sources of interference. Specifically move your wireless router to another location. Unplug any external hard drives connected to USB 3.

Other Reasons Mouse won’t work

It’s possible that your mouse is stuck in boot loader mode. This can happen when the mouse is inactive and goes to sleep.

Try the following:

  • Turn Off the mouse
  • Hold Left Mouse Button (LMB) + Right Mouse Button (RMB)
  • Turn on the mouse
  • Release LMB + RMB after 5 sec
  • You will see an LED flash if it resets successfully
  • This should fix the problem
  • As an additional step, once paired disable Sleep Mode

How to check battery level of Corsair Wireless Mouse

In this video the presenter shows how to enable the battery level indicator in your taskbar.

Customer Support

If none of the above tips have helped resolve the issue then we suggest that you contact Customer Support.


In this post we have explained the various reasons for a Corsair Wireless Mouse not working. We hope this helped resolve your problems. Please feel free to connect with us, provide feedback and ask any questions you might have.

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