Crore Rupees to Canadian $ (CAD) Calculator

This tool converts currency Indian Crores to Canada Dollar equivalent


  • Exchange Rate (number of rupees to one dollar)
  • Number of crores in Indian Rupees
  • The calculator will find the equivalent in CAD$


CAD$ = (Number of Crores * 107)/(Exchange Rate)

Where Exchange Rate is the number of Rupees (₹) to One Canadian Dollar

The number One Crore is equal to 10,000,000 or one followed by seven zeros.

Example Calculations

For an exchange rate of 61 Indian Rupees to One Canadian Dollar,

  • 5 crores INR is equivalent to CAD$819,672
  • A salary of 1 crore INR is equivalent to CAD$163,934
  • 1000 crores is equivalent to CAD$163,934,426
  • 100 crore rupees is approximately 16.3 million Canadian dollars

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