dB to Watt Calculator

This calculator is used to convert from dB to Watt as a measure of sound or noise level.

📢 Note: This is an audio sound power level calculator

🛜 If instead you’re looking to convert a dBm (deciBel relative to 1 mW) Radio Frequency Power value to Watt, use this calculator instead.

Sound power levels or LwdB are determined by the following formula:

LwdB = 10*Log10 (Lw/ LR)

The reference power LR is one trillionth of a Watt or 10-12 W

Use the tool below to convert from dB to Watt

🔁 Watt to dB

The picture below shows the sound power level in dB vs the sound power level in Watt (W)

dB to Watt chart (from Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety)

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