How Much Data Does Spotify Use? (With Calculator)

Spotify’s data usage depends on several factors, including the quality of the audio stream, type of content being accessed and time for which the app is being used.


  • Streaming: With the low quality setting (24 kbps) Spotify uses 11 MB per hour. With the highest quality setting (320 kbps) the application uses 144 MB per hour.
  • Downloading: A typical 3-minute song at Normal Quality consumes about 2 MB.



  • The length of time that Spotify is being used in hours and minutes
  • Quality setting

The tool will provide the data usage for that length of time


Streaming Audio Quality and Data Consumption

Spotify offers four audio quality settings, which significantly affect data consumption. Here’s a breakdown of the data rate and data usage per hour for each quality level:

QualityData Rate (kbps)Data Consumed (MB)
Very High320144

Data Usage for Different Activities

Streaming Music

  • The primary factor in data usage is the quality setting in the table above.
  • On average, streaming music at Normal Quality for 1 hour daily would use about 1.2 GB of data per month.

Downloading Music

  • Downloading songs for offline listening uses data but allows you to listen without using additional data later.
  • Downloading a typical 3-minute song at Normal Quality consumes about 2 MB.


  • Podcasts streamed or downloaded on Spotify use 96 kbit/s on all devices except the web player where it’s 128 kbit/s.
  • Data usage for podcasts using the calculator is 43 MB per hour.

Video Content (Spotify’s Canvas Feature)

  • Spotify’s Canvas feature, which shows looping visuals during song playback, uses additional data.
  • Each 8-second Canvas can use approximately 0.5 MB to 1 MB depending on the complexity of the visuals.
  • Regular use of this feature can add up.

Data-Saving Tips

  1. Adjust Streaming Quality: Lower the streaming quality to save data. This can be done in Spotify’s settings under “Audio Quality.”
  2. Download Music: Use the offline mode to download songs over Wi-Fi. This will reduce mobile data consumption (I do this with my favorite songs – make a playlist that I download before going on the road)
  3. Disable Canvas: Turn off the Canvas feature in the settings to reduce data consumption from videos.
  4. Use Data Saver Mode: Spotify offers a data saver mode that reduces the streaming quality to Low (24 kbps), significantly cutting data usage.
  5. Monitor Data Usage: Keep track of your data consumption through your mobile device’s settings or use apps to monitor data usage.

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