Logitech K260 or MK260 Receiver Lost – SOLVED

Logitech K260 is a wireless keyboard from Logitech. The MK260 is a wireless mouse keyboard combo.

Both products ship with a small wireless USB receiver that plugs into your PC. This receiver dongle is so small that it’s easy to forget and lose. This post explains what you should do if you lose it.

What does the USB dongle do?

The receiver dongle when plugged into a PC, receives signals from the keyboard over a proprietary 2.4 GHz wireless communication link. The MK260 does not use Bluetooth.

The keyboard transmits wireless signals to inform the PC of its location on the mouse pad. It also notifies when the user clicks the left or right mouse button or moves the scroll wheel up or down.

Once the dongle is inserted into the PC, it should connect to your mouse instantly.

The dongle has no markings on it. It’s quite small and easy to leave behind in a PC or lose entirely.

Which brings us to the subject of this post

What happens if you lose the USB dongle?

This is a common problem faced by many. The main issue is that the MK260 mouse will not work without a receiver. Where can one find a replacement for the lost USB receiver dongle?

This particular Logitech dongle is also called a nano-receiver. Some also call it a non-unifying receiver to differentiate it from other receivers made by Logitech.

If you lose the USB dongle that came with the MK260, it’s easy to purchase a replacement dongle. However it might be that the cost of a replacement dongle exceeds that of the MK260 combo. In this case, you could simply buy another combo.

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