Logitech Lightspeed Receiver with Multiple Devices

Answers to questions about Lightspeed receivers and connectivity

Is it possible to connect multiple Lightspeed devices like the G915 keyboard and G903 hero mouse to a single USB dongle?

The answer is No

Light speed is a one-to-one connectivity technology. In other words, you cannot pair two devices such as keyboard and mouse to the same receiver. Every Lightspeed receiver dongle has the specific model name of the device printed on it.

If you want to use a Lightspeed Keyboard and Mouse with a single laptop or PC you will need two separate USB dongles. In fact a bundle like the one below that features a G604 Mouse and G613 keyboard has two dongles – one for each device.

The ability to connect multiple devices to a single receiver is a very desirable feature. Other Logitech receivers such as Nano, Unifying and Bolt have this capability.

Logitech Receiver Connects up to 6 devices

The biggest advantage is simplicity, whereby if you lose the Unifying, Nano or Bolt receiver for your mouse or keyboard, it can be easily replaced.

With a Lightspeed dongle, you will need to purchase the specific dongle associated with your device. In other words if you lose the G603 dongle you will need to buy the exact same model number.

The other question that is often asked

Is Logitech Lightspeed compatible with the Unifying receiver?

The answer is No

Lightspeed products have dedicated receivers that are not compatible with either Unifying, Bolt or Nano dongles.

Is it possible to use dongles assigned to one specific Lightspeed product with another?

The answer is No

Logitech Lightspeed dongles are designed to pair with the device they are manufactured for. In fact Lightspeed dongles have a part number printed on them that’s associated with the peripheral (keyboard, mouse, etc.)

Lightspeed G903 dongle