MHz to ms Conversion Calculator

This tool calculates millisecond (ms) from the frequency in Megahertz (MHz).


Enter the frequency in MHz.

The tool will calculate the equivalent value in ms.

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The period T is the inverse of frequency f

T (seconds) = 1/f(Hz)

T(seconds) = 1/[f(MHz)*106]

1 second = 103 milliseconds

T (ms) = [1/(f (MHz)*103)]

Example Calculations

  • 1 MHz is equivalent to 0.001 ms
  • 2 MHz is equivalent to 0.0005 ms

What is Megahertz (MHz)?

Megahertz (MHz) is a unit of frequency equal to one million cycles per second, or 106 (Hz). The prefix “mega-” denotes a factor of 10^6

Frequency, measured in hertz, indicates the number of cycles of a periodic event occurring in one second. In the context of megahertz, it represents millions of cycles per second.

MHz is commonly used to describe the frequency of radio waves, the clock speeds of computer processors, and the bandwidth of signals in telecommunications.

What is a Millisecond (ms)?

A millisecond (ms) is a unit of time equal to one thousandth of a second, or 10−3 seconds. The prefix “milli-” denotes a factor of 10^(-3).

Milliseconds are used to measure relatively short durations, such as the response time of electronic devices, the duration of events in high-speed photography, and the timing of signals in digital communications.

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