Most Popular GMRS Channels or Frequencies

The most popular GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service) channels can vary based on location and the specific use case, but some general trends can be identified.

👉 A complete list of GMRS Channels

Popular GMRS Channels

  • Channel 20 (462.675 MHz): This channel is often designated as an emergency channel and is commonly used for community emergency preparedness and safety communications.
  • Channels 15-22: These are the primary channels that can be used with higher power (up to 50 watts) and are commonly used for longer-range communication. Among them, channels often used for repeater inputs and outputs (such as Channel 22 at 462.725 MHz for output and 467.725 MHz for input) are particularly popular due to their ability to extend communication range.
  • Channel 16 (462.575 MHz) and Channel 18 (462.625 MHz): These channels are also frequently used for general communication and are compatible with GMRS repeaters, making them versatile for various applications.

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Factors Influencing Popularity

  1. Repeater Access: Channels that have repeater access tend to be more popular, especially in areas with significant geographical obstacles like mountains or extensive rural areas.
  2. Emergency Use: Channels designated or widely recognized for emergency use often see higher traffic, especially in times of community events or disasters.
  3. Local Regulations and Recommendations: In some regions, specific channels may be recommended by local GMRS clubs or emergency preparedness groups, influencing their popularity.

It’s essential to monitor the channels in your area to determine which ones are most used and to adhere to any local guidelines or community practices for GMRS usage. This approach ensures effective communication while minimizing interference with others.

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