MX Master 3 Scroll Wheel Stops Working (Solved)

Are you one of the many users facing scroll wheel issues in their Logitech MX Master 3 mouse? Does the scroll wheel stop working in the middle of an important task? This can be incredibly frustrating! Before you replace your mouse, check out our solution guide.

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What is the Actual Problem?

According to users, MX Master 3 is slow and less accurate at tracking scrolling for about three to five percent of the total scrolling time. This problem is more noticeable when the user quickly scrolls the wheel up and down. The mouse fails to register the scrolling and misses some scrolls or sometimes catches up the movement later, which causes unwanted actions. This issue is very frustrating to gamers who want fast and consistent response times, graphic designers who want smooth flow and many other users both professional and casual.

Scroll wheel differences between MX Master 2S and 3

Most other mouse scroll wheels like that in the MX Master 2S are made using optical encoders. In this case the wheels have spokes. These wheel spokes help the mice recognize the scrolls efficiently.

MX Master 3 scroll wheel doesn’t have spokes as it detects the scroll activity using electromagnetic pulses. So, it’s very likely that rapid mouse movement causes missed or mixed impulses.

How to Fix MX Master 3 Scroll Wheel Failure Issue

In this section we first identify general solutions that are independent of operating system. This is followed by solutions for Windows users and then Mac users.

General Solutions

Clean the Mouse

After ensuring that your mouse is connected correctly and the improper connection is not the cause of the problem, look for the dirt. Any dust accumulated in the scroll area might affect the scroll detection and hence the efficiency of the mouse. Try cleaning your mouse using compressed air or a mouse cleaner.

Disconnect and Reconnect the Mouse

Like your favorite phone needs a restart sometimes, try disconnecting and reconnecting your MX Master 3. Do this whether you are using the Bluetooth or Unifying dongle. This process of reconnecting sometimes resolves the issue.

Update the Firmware

Logitech has recently released the firmware update for MX Master 3. You can download it from here and run the update. It will resolve the issue.

Leave it Alone

Sometimes doing nothing is the only fix that works when all other solutions fail. Give your MX Master 3 a break and leave it as-is for some time.

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Solution For Windows Users

If you are using Windows try the following:

  • Open the Logi Options app
  • Go to point and scroll
  • Find the Smooth Scrolling option and disable it.

This should resolve the scroll wheel issue. If it does not, then try the following:

  • Go to Mouse settings of your PC
  • find the roll the mouse wheel to scroll option.
  • Select the multiple lines option from the drop-down menu and set it to 5 or 6. This should resolve the issue.

Solution for Mac Users

If you are a Mac user try the following:

  • Go to the Utilities
  • Open Activity Monitor. This shows all the programs running.
  • Find Logi Options Daemon from the list and quit or force stop it.
  • Then start the software again, and the mouse scrolling should start working fine.
  • If you don’t want to do this force quit and restart exercise now and then, consider uninstalling this Logitech Logi Options software. Of course, you won’t be able to customize the mouse buttons anymore, but the scrolling issue will go away too.


We have researched, identified and documented all possible solutions for the MX Master 3 Scroll Wheel issue. We suggest trying all the standard solutions we have mentioned above. If none of them works, then depending on your PC’s OS, choose from the solutions mentioned specifically for Windows and Mac users.

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