Razer Viper V2 Pro vs Viper Ultimate – (Is the upgrade worth it?)

In April 2022, Razer launched their latest sophisticated Gaming mouse version, the Viper V2 Pro. With the sole intention of upgrading the October 2019 release of their highly acclaimed Viper Ultimate.

Razer Viper V2 Pro Hyperspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse: 59g Ultra Lightweight - Optical Switches Gen-3 - 30K DPI Optical Sensor w/ On-Mouse Controls - 80 Hour Battery - USB Type C Cable Included - White
Razer Viper V2

Here we examine most of the significant features of the latest Razer Viper V2 Pro gaming mouse, compared to its predecessor, the Razer Viper Ultimate and answer the question:

Is the upgrade worth it?

Let’s first take a look at the major evaluation criteria

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Performance of Viper V2 Pro vs Ultimate

The Viper V2 Pro offers effortless, swift smooth movements with its 30K efficient precision sensors, and a well-defined wheel, without any rattle, offers a much better gaming experience.

In addition, it is 18 grams lighter than the Ultimate, and offers an enhanced gaming experience, with its excellent DPI resolution and a top speed of 750 inches per second, with an accuracy of 99.8%.

The changes to its feet design have helped make it more impactful. The Optical Gen-3 switches enhance the all-around experience further.

The Synapse app is truly more refined with the V2 Pro, and as Razer claims,

” It automatically detects and adjusts the optimum tracking accuracy to provide another level of precision and can utilize the Asymmetric Cut-Off to dynamically adjust its lift and landing distance on any surface, straight out from the box.”

Let’s compare that with the Razer Ultimate. A precise swift sensor, good grip and a knurled scrolling wheel, bring a good fast gaming experience with its 20K optical sensor. Additionally The Optical Gen 2 switches provide a rich gaming experience.

The Ultimate has the smallest feet among gaming mice and at times the small surface area produced unwanted resistance on soft mouse pads, especially when making 90-degree turns.

When using the Synapse App, the Ultimate had to be configured manually to a specific mouse pad.

Razer Viper Ultimate Hyperspeed Lightweight Wireless Gaming Mouse & RGB Charging Dock: Fastest Gaming Mouse Switch - 20K DPI Optical Sensor - Chroma Lighting - 8 Programmable Buttons - 70 Hr Battery
Razer Viper Ultimate

Ergonomics of Viper V2 Pro vs Ultimate

The V2 Pro has opted for a cleaner and minimalist design, with 6 buttons/switches, and base perimeter lighting, minus the RGB lighting.

Designed to be lighter, to improve its gaming functionality, it has eliminated the magnetic charging port, and the side grips from its right panel, which may not be best for left-handed users, though is amply ambidextrous.

A small green dot light behind the wheel displays the DPI and the battery’s percentage. Also, the RGB logo has been replaced with a printed one.

Despite the absence of the side grips, it gives a solid feel in the palm and offers excellent grip despite its lighter weight, with its perfectly contoured palm-fit design.

The Razer Ultimate has 8 buttons/switches, and base perimeter lighting and an RGB lighting system. the built-in side-grips provide an excellent grip (even if your palm were to get sweaty).

It’s a truly ambidextrous mouse with two buttons on the right side.

The RGB lighting provides a good visual appearance with its logo being highlighted.

The Ultimate comes with a battery dock that can continue with the charging process when the mouse is placed within when, not in use and is useful for keeping it optimally charged.

With a good sturdy build, it offers a secure feel in the palm. The side grips provide an extra good feel and secure fit in the palm.

Razer Viper V2 Pro Hyperspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse: 59g Ultra Lightweight - Optical Switches Gen-3 - 30K DPI Optical Sensor w/ On-Mouse Controls - 80 Hour Battery - USB Type C Cable Included - White
Razer Viper V2

Performance Comparison Table

Tracking Speed750 IPS650 IPS
Resolution (DPI)30,00020,000
Length x Width x Height
126.73 x 57.6 x 37.81 mm126.73 x 57.6 x 37.81 mm
Weight2.04 oz / 59 g2.7 oz / 74 g
ChargingUSB-A to USB-C charging cable with a CouplerMicro USB Charging dock that permitted the mouse to be charged when not in use
WirelessHyperspeed + BluetoothHyperspeed
Battery Life80 hours70 hours
FunctionalityNot best suited for left-handed use, although it is ambidextrousIdeal for both left and right-handed use, Fully ambidextrous

Additional Features of the Viper V2 Pro

  • The Razer Viper V2 Pro has super smooth PFTE feet and offers a floating feeling above the surface rather than a gliding feel on any surface, including glass tabletops!
  • With its Focus 30k optical sensors it offers a smart tracking Function that provides additional sensitivity and 99.8% accuracy.
  • The Motion Sync increases its fast responsiveness and brings another dimension during competitive play.
  • Foam protected box for storage is provided as standard equipment.
  • An Asymmetric cut-off facility [26 additional options] that offers better lift-off and landing distances with its Gen-3 switches. The ultimate has Gen-2 switches.
  • Offers 90 million clicks, compared to the 70 million clicks of the Ultimate and eliminates the double click issue that occurred in the Ultimate due to multiple wireless signal interference.
  • It is 25% faster in operation than the Ultimate.
  • Viper V2 Pro has both Hyperspeed and Bluetooth connectivity while the Ultimate has only Hyperspeed. Bluetooth is a good backup should you ever lose or misplace your wireless dongle. However Hyperspeed is much faster.
  • Comes with an essential updated auto-sync Synapse App that adjusts the various DPI functions including setting presets including polling rates [125, 500 and 1000] and power-saving options and smart track calibrations. This app is also present with the Ultimate, although it needs to be set manually.
  • Side grips are included for those who prefer them and can also replace worn-out ones. These come with cut-outs to accommodate the side buttons on the left side. The ultimate has these grips as standard fitment.
  • The Gen 2 switches help in noise cancellation during mouse clicks Razer introduced them in 2018 and has enhanced this function with Gen 3 in the V2 Pro that making it much more silent during gaming and does not interfere with the sound of the games sound.
Razer Viper V2 Pro Hyperspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse: 59g Ultra Lightweight - Optical Switches Gen-3 - 30K DPI Optical Sensor w/ On-Mouse Controls - 80 Hour Battery - USB Type C Cable Included - White

User Feedback

Razer V2 Pro

The Razer Viper V2 Pro has very good user feedback to date. Most users have good things to say about its weight, its feet, comfort and feel and an enhanced gaming experience.

There has been some level of dissatisfaction with the aiming experience due to the fact that the V2 pro has a heavier click and has to be pressed harder on the mouse pad. This results in missing the target. Also, the sensor which has a 15 degree counter-clockwise tilt affects the aim.

There are a couple of users who felt that the battery dock was essential and should have been included in this cost.

Razer Ultimate

There’s a high level of satisfaction with the Razer Ultimate.

A couple of users faced an issue with the Synapse App as it was not compatible with the Mac and created errors. Some also said that the scroll wheel was rattling during use and was an irritant.

Final Verdict

Razer has left no stone unturned to develop probably the best gaming mouse in the business with the Viper V2 Pro. By removing the unnecessary fluff from its predecessor the Viper Ultimate, they have delivered a much more efficient mouse in terms of its ease of Movement Feel/Grip, Weight, Connectivity, Charging (Type C USB Port), which is most essential as most present devices accommodate these.

Additionally it has been enhanced with a host of other useful and relevant features, and all this without altering its dimensions and a weight reduction.

However, we feel that a Charging Dock would have been an added advantage and included as part of the standard product offering. Unfortunately it must now be bought separately as an optional accessory.

For Gaming

The Viper V2 Pro is undoubtedly the leader in this segment. Its 30K optical sensor, adds precision maneuverability. Most gaming professionals endorse this. A huge added advantage is the PTFE feet which considerably enhance the light floating experience movements and the improved Auto-Sync Synapse app adds good value.

For Office & Home

This is where the Ultimate may hold the advantage with its more attractive design and RGB lighting, as many users in this segment are not so discerning about precision performance and may be willing to settle for looks over efficiency.

Razer Viper V2 Pro Hyperspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse: 59g Ultra Lightweight - Optical Switches Gen-3 - 30K DPI Optical Sensor w/ On-Mouse Controls - 80 Hour Battery - USB Type C Cable Included - White