RMS to Peak Current Calculator and Formula

This tool calculates the Peak current from its Root-mean-square (RMS) value.

Enter the RMS value and use the drop down menu to select the units (A/mA/uA/nA)


IPeak = √(2)*IRMS


  • IRMS is the RMS current in Amperes (A)
  • IPeak is the Peak current in Amperes (A)

Example Calculation

Suppose you have an RMS current of 1 A and you want to calculate the peak current. Using the calculator above gives an answer of 1.414 A.


What is RMS Current?

RMS current, or Root Mean Square current, is a measure of the effective value of a varying electrical current. It is particularly useful in the context of alternating current (AC) circuits, where the current constantly changes direction and magnitude. RMS values provide a way to express the equivalent direct current (DC) value that would deliver the same amount of power to a load.

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