No better time to be an Amateur Radio Geek

Wired is running an interesting article on how it’s the best time to get into Amateur Radio. With a dramatic increase in forest fires, floods and other natural disasters, there is an increased risk that our normal reliable communications technologies will be impacted from time to time. This disruption could happen when we least expect it.

For instance during the recent Camp Fire in 2018, many cell towers were destroyed. The only way to communicate with friends and family during such times is to use radio technologies such as FRS and GMRS. Meanwhile Scanners can help monitor local emergency channels for alerts in areas where there is no cell coverage or in times of disruption. Here is our review of the top scanner picks this year.

Of course Ham Radio is the most powerful and robust communication technology during times of emergency. There are many articles online on how to get started with the very interesting and exciting world of Amateur Radio. Amateur radio came to the rescue during 9/11 and during many hurricanes where key communications infrastructure was destroyed. Given its increasing relevance and importance there is no doubt that Amateur radio will live for many decades to come!

Title Image Credit: Amateur radio station of DJ4PI

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