Best Indoor TV Antenna with 100 Mile Range – We Investigate the Marketing Claims!

With the increasing popularity of streaming services like Netflix, people are reluctant to pay for cable TV anymore. More so, with a TV antenna, you can watch sports, movies, and news without spending a dime. Even the kids get channels of their own.

We’ve done the research to find the best indoor TV antenna. The ones with the longest range. This way, you don’t need to worry about unclear signals if your home is too far from the broadcast station.

Do these antennas actually live up to their ‘100 mile’ marketing claims? Let’s find out!

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Overall Best – Gesobyte Indoor TV Antenna

Top Features

  • Includes an intelligent switch for toggling between short- and long-range signals
  • Built-in amplifier

Full crystal-clear HD channels, amazing reception range, 4K + 1080p support, and a built-in signal amplifier booster are only some of the features that make the Gesobyte our top pick indoor 100-mile radius TV antenna.

2024 Gesobyte Amplified HD Digital TV Antenna 650+ Miles Long Range Indoor Outdoor - Support 4K 8K 1080p Fire TV Stick & All TV's - Smart Switch Amplifier Signal Booster - 18ft HDTV Cable/AC Adapters

When you opt for this antenna, you will never have to worry about FM and cellular signals messing with picture quality. This digital antenna uses a new filter technology to eliminate these unwanted signals. With the Gesobyte, you’ll enjoy low noise and high gain. All you need to do is place this easy-to-install and setup digital antenna anywhere in your home.

One of the many features that make the Gesobyte stand out from the rest is the overvoltage protection; this is built into the intelligent IC power adapter to prevent power surges. Additionally, users can use this antenna with older TVs that lack a USB output. 

You will also get an 18 ft long coaxial cable; this way, the choice of where to place your antenna is not limited to a single spot in the room, close to the TV. Instead you have the freedom to move the Antenna around to find the sweet spot where signals from all your favorite channels are clear.

Finally, depending on the distance from your home to the nearest broadcast tower, switching between short- and long-range signals is easy. If you stay 35 miles or less from the nearest broadcast tower, we advise that you use the short-range signal option. If you move the antenna subsequently it is recommended that you perform a re-scan.


  • The installation process is easy, and setup takes less than 3 minutes
  • The power adapter is built to withstand power surges.


  • The power cord is short, only 3.5 inches long.

User Reviews

While many verified users of the Gesobyte digital antenna praised the manufacturers for its omnidirectional abilities and ability to pull in signals from towers located in opposite directions, many didn’t believe in the existence of a 100-mile radius TV antenna using the curvature of the earth and some of the laws of physics as proof.

Conclusively, a lot of them agreed that the maximum reception range of the Gesobytes antenna is 60 miles.

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Runner up – Forlovv Indoor TV Antenna 

Top Features

  • The coaxial cable is 36ft long
  • An amplifier for boosting signal strength is included in the package
  • Omnidirectional

The Forlovv indoor TV antenna is without a doubt the closest competition to the Gesobyte, reviewed above, and why wouldn’t it be? The manufacturers  state that this indoor TV antenna is omnidirectional, claims it has a reception range of 320 miles and to cap it all they’ve included a 36 ft high-quality coaxial cable in the package. 

2024 Upgraded Digital TV Antenna, 880+ Miles Range TV Antenna for Smart TV,TV Antenna Indoor Support 4K 1080p All TV's - Amplifier Signal Booster

So, all you have to do to enjoy crystal clear free HD channels on your 4K, 1080p TV is plug, place the Antenna on the wall or window and enjoy free daily content.

When you choose this Forlovv antenna, you get to experience the wonders that an included amplifier and smart built in integrated circuit will do to the quality of the signals you receive with the digital antenna;you are guaranteed 2X better signals than you would get with any regular indoor antenna. 

Finally, you’ll have no reason to worry about interference or weak signals. 


  • The extra-long cable makes it easy to position the antenna in various places to get the best signal.
  • Users can take it on camping trips and use it in an RV
  • You can choose to use either the included adhesive or nails to mount the antenna. 


  • There is no option on the antenna for switching between long and short range signals.

User Reviews

The Forlovv digital antenna is rated highly by several users. However, users were quick to point out that the company uses a lot of false advertising, one of which is saying the antenna is suitable for outdoor use, which is impossible since it is not waterproof.

When it comes to signal range, one user stated that their Forlovv antenna is able to achieve the 200 mile range benchmark, others stated that theirs was limited to only 60 miles.

However, there was denying the signal quality and crystal clear display reception.

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Budget Pick – Amazqi Indoor TV Antenna 

Top Features

  • Maximum range is 150 miles
  • The cable is 13.12 ft long.
  • It is constructed using flame retardant and lightning protection materials.

The #1 antenna for folks on a budget is the Amazqi indoor TV antenna. But, don’t let its low price fool you; this indoor TV antenna is capable of delivering high-quality signals from all your favorite local and international TV channels in the 100-150 miles range for free. 

TV Antenna Indoor - 250+ Miles Long Range, 4K Digital TV Antenna for Local Channels - HD TV Antenna with Signal Amplifier and 16.4FT Coax Cable - Work for All Types TV

Users who opt for this antenna get to enjoy a 100-mile omnidirectional TV antenna that is made from environmentally friendly polycarbonate materials; thus guarantees that you won’t need to worry about lightning or moisture-induced damage. In addition to this, you will also be free to use the Amazqi with an analog TV; all you need is an STB box like the  Mediasonic ATSC Digital Converter Box. Its one of the best analog-digital signal converter for TVs available on Amazon.

Whether you stay far or very close to the signal tower, you’ll have no issues with receiving clear signals since the antenna includes an amplifier booster. Also those of you who live within 20 miles of the nearest broadcast tower, there will be no need to use the amplifier; connect your Amazqi antenna directly to your TV.


  • It’s cheap, small, and works great
  • The Amazqi is easy to install and set up.
  • The polycarbonate material used in making this antenna is resistant to moisture and flame.


  • At only 13.12 ft, the coaxial cable might limit the placing options to get the best signal spot.

User Reviews

Users of the Amazqi antenna commended the company for the antenna’s affordability, quality, and ability to pull in many different stations. However, some users complained about the omission of steps on how to mount the antenna. A particular user was quite amazed that the antenna didn’t need a power adapter to function. To power the antenna, connect the antenna’s USB cord to the TV’s USB port.

Some users commented that they were only able to get signals from towers 15 miles away while others said that the signal range of the Amazqi is 60 miles.

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How We Picked the Best Indoor TV Antenna with 100 Mile Range

While searching for indoor TV antennas that meet the 100-mile range benchmark, a host of factors and features were considered; here they are;

Antenna Range

Meeting the 100-mile range was the #1 criteria we used in determining the indoor TV antennas that made it to our product pick. And although many manufacturers claimed theirs exceeded 150 miles, we had to look at buyers’ feedback. 

After considering factors like the line of sight from the users’ home to the broadcast tower, the distance between signal towers, interference from gadgets and appliances, and even using prevailing weather conditions as a factor, we concluded that the products chosen above were the most reliable of the bunch. 

A few users confirmed that their indoor antenna could in fact reach the 100-mile range. Most users found that they were able to reach 60 miles. Based on our research we concluded that these antennas are the best options available today.

Installation and Setup

An indoor antenna is the preferred choice for many due to its simplicity and easy installation process. We know this; that’s why we ensured that every antenna we chose required no complex manuals to install or set up. Instead, all you are required to do is plug and use the antenna. 

Since we understand that finding the sweet spot where you will get the best reception will require you to move the antenna from one place in the room/home to another, so we ensured that these antennas were easy to set up. 

Lastly, you will not require any complex tools to hold the antennas we selected; the mounting process will be stress-free.

Antennas Direction

When choosing an indoor antenna, ensure it is multi or omnidirectional; this way, you don’t need to worry about the antenna picking up signals from only the direction it is pointed. 

In addition to this, since we know that multi-directional antennas pick up a lot of interference and noise, we opted for antennas with features that filter noise and deal with interference.

Cable Length 

The length of the included cable for the antenna will play a huge role in determining the flexibility in where the antenna can be positioned. Each of the chosen antennas come with long cables, so there will be nothing limiting you from placing them at heights, windows, and locations where they will get the best signal reception and quality.

Ability to Receive both UHF (Ultra High Frequency) and VHF (Very High Frequency)

Although we understand that VHF is phasing out and more stations only operate in the UHF range, for the sake of users and stations that still broadcast using VHF, we had to go through the feedback and answer section just to ensure we selected indoor TV antennas that could broadcast in both the UHF and VHF range. 

Most users confirmed that these indoor TV antennas could receive high band VHF channels 7-13, low band VHF channels 2-6, and the UHF range 14-51.

Antennas Appearance

Indoor antennas need to be small-sized and smart-looking; this way, they should match modern housing designs and not look out of place. 

To achieve this, we chose antennas that are sleek, inconspicuous looking but still good enough to complete your space. Their black colors would match your wall and make it look as elegant as possible, even if you plan on using them in your sitting room space.

Inclusion of an Amplifier 

How do these indoor antennas manage to pull in HDTV signals from long distances?

The simple answer is – with an RF signal amplifier. 

Every product we chose came with an amplifier, and while some were built-in, others were separated from the primary antenna. 

This amplifier will come in handy if you live pretty far from the nearest signal tower. If you don’t, you can choose not to connect the antenna at all or switch from long to short-range like the way you’ll do if you opt for the Gesobyte.

Compatibility with Analog TV

We understand that not every user  has made the switch to a digital TV, or some of you are  simply not interested in hooking an indoor antenna to  your digital TV; that’s why we made sure to choose antennas  whose compatibility is not limited to digital TVs alone. 

Also, even though many TV stations don’t broadcast analog signals anymore you don’t need to throw out your analog TV just yet. With the antennas we chose, all you need to do is to buy an analog-digital converter, then connect both your indoor antenna and analog TV to the converter box. One product that will guarantee a stressfree analog to digital signal conversion experience is the Mediasonic ATSC Digital Converter Box on Amazon, it iis one product that can do all this and more.


In this post we have done the research to find you the best indoor TV antenna with a 100 mile range. An indoor antenna avoids the complexity and work involved with mounting an antenna on your roof and these options give you the long range that is required to catch signals from afar.

As a recap here are our top picks for best indoor TV antenna with 100 mile range:

As well, based on user feedback we are able to see that a reasonable estimate of range with these 100-mile antennas is actually 60 miles.