Logitech MX Master 3s versus 3 – (Is the upgrade worth it?)

The details of the new MX Master 3s have been leaked by WinFuture ahead of the official announcement. Let’s take a quick look at how this new mouse compares with its predecessor – the MX Master 3.

Image from WinFuture

Before we delve into the details here is a quick snapshot of the differences

MX Master 3MX Master 3S
DPI Resolution40008000
Click VolumeHighLow
ConnectivityUnifying + BluetoothBolt
PriceCheck current price hereRumored to be $160

DPI resolution

According to WinFuture, The Master 3s has a new ‘8K sensor’. In doing this the Dots per inch (DPI) has been doubled relative to the MX Master 3. DPI is a measure of sensitivity. The higher the DPI, the more sensitive the mouse.

The question is

How many DPI do you really need?

High DPI would be an advantage to gamers on account of the precision. However, most gamers don’t use a DPI of higher than 2000. For gaming applications the comfort factor, lift-off distance, and sensor axis bias or acceleration are more important.

Click Volume

It looks like Logitech took customer feedback into account on certain negative attributes. One of them being the volume of the click. Many customers have complained about it being too loud. The MX Master 3s features Quiet Click buttons that Logitech claims will be 90% quieter than those in the MX Master 3.

Wireless Connectivity

The MX Master 3 featured two wireless connectivity methods – Unifying and Bluetooth. The 3s on the other hand features the new Bolt technology which is newer and more secure. We have discussed the differences between the Bolt and Unifying receivers in an earlier post.


WinFuture also believes that the price will be in excess of 150 Euro or approximately US$160. This represents a 60% price increase over the MX Master 3 and more expensive than many of the top Lightspeed mouse products as well.


Overall we feel that the reported updates (if accurate) could be classified as evolutionary as opposed to revolutionary. If the reports on pricing are accurate, the upgrade might not be worth it.

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