Logitech MX Mechanical vs G915 Keyboard

Logitech keyboards are known for their excellent battery life, strong build, extra features, versatility and compatibility. This guide is for you if you are looking for a quick and fair comparison between two of its mechanical keyboards, MX Mechanical and G915.

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Comparison Table

Before we delve into the details, let’s see a quick comparison between the two

FeaturesLogitech MX MechanicalLogitech G915
ConnectivityBluetooth + Logi Bolt Dongle Bluetooth + Lightspeed Dongle
Battery Life15 days with Backlight
280 without Backlight
12 days with Backlight
135 days without Backlight
Key Count110 in the regular version
84 in Mini Version
104 in the standard version
90 in TKL
Multiple devicesUp to 3 wirelessUp to 3 (two wireless and one wired)
Dongle TypeLogi BoltLightspeed
Charging CableC-typeMicro USB
BacklightWhite light with 6 effectsRGB with 12 effects
Customization15 possible keysFunction keys
SoftwareLogi Options+G Hub software
CompatibilityWindows, Android, Mac OS, iPad OS, LinuxWindows, Android, Mac OS, iPad OS, Linux
Switch TypeLinear, Tactile, ClickyLinear, Tactile, Clicky

How is Logitech MX Mechanical Different From G915 Keyboard?

Design and Customizable Keys

Logitech MX Mechanical comes in two sizes, i.e., full size with 110 keys and compact MX Mechanical Mini with 84 keys. Both keyboards come in a subtle color pattern of light grey and dark grey.

Logitech MX Mechanical Wireless Illuminated Performance Keyboard, Tactile Quiet Switches, Backlit Keys, Bluetooth, USB-C, macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, Metal

The MX mechanical keyboard is 1.8 pounds in weight, whereas the mini version is 1.3 pounds.

The MX Mechanical has three dedicated buttons for easy switching between three separate PCs/Laptops, whereas the mini version’s first three function keys serve the purpose. There are four dedicated keys above the Numpad for calculator, search, lock, and show/hide the desktop on the regular MX Mechanical keyboard.

Surprisingly, there are no separate media control keys nor customizable dedicated keys like in the G915. The media control and bright adjustment functions are paired with the function keys. Anyhow, the Logi Options+ software allows customizing the function keys. Also, to switch between Windows and Mac, users need to press P for Windows and O for Mac while holding the Fn key.

Logitech G915 Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (Tactile) - Black
Logitech G915

Logitech G915 has two versions to choose from, called full size and TKL. The full-size keyboard has 104 keys, including five separate programmable G keys for gaming or macros, media control keys, and a volume control wheel. The G keys can be customized using the G Hub software. There are three memory profile keys for customized G keys. Be known that the rest of the keys on the keyboard cannot be mapped.

There is a wireless button and the Bluetooth button on the top of the G915 keyboards for easy selection between the connectivity mode. An arcade button next to the Bluetooth button lets you disable the windows, menu, or any other key using G Hub software. Also, there is the brightness adjustment button to choose from 100%, 75%, 25%, or minimum brightness.

The TKL version has no separate G keys or a number pad. It has 90 keys. The weight of a regular G915 is 3.5 pounds, while that of the TKL version is 2.9 pounds.


The MX Mechanical/Mini supports up to three devices connected using either Bluetooth or the Logi Bolt dongle that comes with the keyboards. The Bluetooth connection is stable, and till the time of writing this product comparison, there has been no such issue reported as lag or latency. The users can easily switch between the connected devices using dedicated soft switch keys.

LOGITECH Bolt USB Receiver
Logi Bolt

The Logi Bolt receiver is compatible with any Logitech device that supports the technology. But this dongle doesn’t work with the Unifying devices. Please note that the keyboard is paired with the Bolt receiver it comes with. So you can just unbox and start using your keyboard with the dongle installed on your PC. But if you want to use the Bolt dongle that came with another device, you will need the Logi Options+ software to pair with your keyboard.

MX Mechanical/Mini keyboard doesn’t support the wired mode. That means the charging cable can’t transfer data and is only used for charging.

The Logitech G915/TKL uses Lightspeed and Bluetooth connectivity to connect two devices at the most. Of course, one through the Lightspeed dongle and the other through Bluetooth. But if you want to use two Lightspeed connections, you will need to un-pair from one PC and pair to another. Also, the Lightspeed dongle is dedicated to its devices, and one dongle can’t be used for the other Lightspeed device. To understand the differences between Lightspeed and the very popular Unifying technologies, click here.

Easy Switch

G915 will connect to a host Bluetooth (so a Bluetooth dongle or internal chipset on a laptop for example), so think of it as a client device. You can’t connect devices to the G915.

But you can connect the G915 to a Bluetooth host on one machine and have the Lightspeed Dongle plugged into another, and technically even plug it via the cable into a 3rd machine.

It’s not the same as easy switch which can support 3 connections, where each connection can connect to either BT or Unifying. The G915 can connect to one Lightspeed connection, one BT connection and through USB.

Back lighting

The MX Mechanical/Mini keyboard is backlit and has six different backlight modes: static, contrast, breathing, waves, reaction, and random. You can switch between these modes by holding the Fn key and pressing the volume down key. You can also choose these modes or turn the backlight off using Logi Options+ software. One thing to be noted is that this backlight is white, and this keyboard doesn’t support the RGB lighting.

Logitech MX Mechanical Wireless Illuminated Performance Keyboard, Tactile Quiet Switches, Backlit Keys, Bluetooth, USB-C, macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, Metal

The G915/TKL, on the other hand, supports RGB backlighting with almost 12 lighting effects to choose from. Users can toggle between these effects by holding the brightness key and pressing the keyboard number keys. Of course, these effects can also be selected using G Hub software.

Charging and Battery Life

Since both the MX Mechanical/Mini and G915/TKL have backlight features, the battery life may vary according to the backlight usage. The battery life of MX Mechanical/Mini is 15 days with a backlight on and 280 days without a backlight. The charging port for these keyboards is a USB C type.

The battery life of Logitech G915/TKL is 12 days with the backlight on and 135 days with the backlight off. The charging is done through a micro USB port, and the cable doesn’t transfer the data.

Productivity vs Gaming

Although both the keyboard models are mechanical with multiple switch options, the MX Mechanical keyboard is more beneficial for productivity work like typing, designing, etc. The Logitech G915 keyboard is used for gaming purposes because of the customizable G keys, low profile keys, memory profiles, and the Logi G gaming software.

Logitech G915 Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (Tactile) - Black

How similar are Logitech MX Mechanical and G915 Keyboard?


Both the Logitech MX Mechanical and G915 keyboards are available in three switch patterns: Tactile Quiet, Clicky, and Linear. You can refer to the chart below for further guidance about the switches, colors, and noise level.

Tactile QuietBrownMedium
ClickyRedMedium to High
LinearBlueLow to Medium


Both keyboard models are compatible with

  • Windows
  • Mac OS
  • Android
  • iPad OS
  • Linux.

Which One Should You Choose?

Logitech MX Mechanical was first available on 24 May 2022. That means this keyboard is still enjoying its ‘honeymoon’ period with very few customer reviews. But one can’t also deny the legacy of excellence and quality of Logitech products. If you are more into office work and require multiple device connectivity at a time and excellent battery life, this keyboard is for you.

G915, on the other hand, is more like a gaming keyboard with low-profile keys and customizable G keys. Moreover, the RGB backlight effect adds to the gaming ambiance. So, go for it if you are looking for a well-built gaming mechanical keyboard.

Logitech MX Mechanical Wireless Illuminated Performance Keyboard, Tactile Quiet Switches, Backlit Keys, Bluetooth, USB-C, macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, Metal
Logitech MX Mechanical