VSWR to dB Return Loss Calculator

This tool computes the Return loss (in dB) from Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR).

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Γ = (VSWR – 1)/(VSWR + 1)

Return Loss (dB) = -20*Log10(|Γ|)

Example Calculation

A good value of VSWR is 1.5, where 96% of the power is transmitted forward and only 4% is reflected back (mismatch loss calculator) In this case, the return loss is calculated to be 14 dB.

A higher numerical value of VSWR represents a poor match. Conversely a lower VSWR value represents a good match.

As well, a higher value of VSWR converts to a lower dB value of return loss. For instance a VSWR of 2.5 translates to a return loss of 7.4 dB.

The ideal value of VSWR is 1 where none of the power is reflected back. It represents an excellent match. Note that the minimum value of VSWR is 1 – i.e. VSWR cannot be less than 1. There is no maximum value of VSWR and so it is designated as infinity  .

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