[SOLVED] : Razer Viper Ultimate Not Working

The Viper Ultimate Hyperspeed is a very popular gaming mouse from Razer. We have compiled a list of technical problems that customers frequently experience along with solutions.

Razer Viper Ultimate Hyperspeed Lightweight Wireless Gaming Mouse & RGB Charging Dock: Fastest Gaming Mouse Switch - 20K DPI Optical Sensor - Chroma Lighting - 8 Programmable Buttons - 70 Hr Battery
Razer Viper Ultimate

Step-by-step solutions are presented so you can easily follow along. In some cases we have linked to a more detailed solution.

Hopefully this captures everything. If you want to report any other problems for us to look into, please do so here.

Now without further ado, let’s get your mouse fixed!

Table of Contents

Common Problems

Here is a list of issues that can largely be grouped into two main categories:


Examples of connectivity issues are:

  • Mouse freezing
  • Not connecting
  • Hyperspeed 2.4 GHz wireless not working
  • Not turning on at all
  • Cutting out or intermittent loss of communication


Examples of mechanical problems are:

  • Left or Right Mouse Click not working
  • Side buttons not working

How to Solve Viper Ultimate Connectivity Problems

In the following set of troubleshooting steps we start with the basics (easy checks), a clean software and driver install. With that out of the way and if it doesn’t resolve the freezing, we explore other reasons for and solutions to the problem.

Basic Checks

Check the battery level

The Razer Viper Ultimate has an internal battery. The Synapse application will tell you what the battery level is. The red snake logo will blink red repeatedly if the power is low.

Use the dock to charge the battery. Alternatively you can use the micro USB port with a USB cable plugged directly into your PC.

The stated battery life is 70 hours. However the actual battery life can be a lot lower and it depends on the polling rate and use of RGB. For instance with static RGB lighting on at 30 brightness, polling rate at 1000 Hz, the actual battery life is approximately 30 hours.

Clean the mouse

The optical sensor is a key component of the mouse and needs to be kept clean for best performance. If the sensor’s view is obstructed, it will cause issues.

Razer Viper Ultimate Optical Sensor

Issues can be intermittent flakiness, unresponsiveness or complete freezing. Turn the mouse off completely before you clean it. Disconnect it from everything and power it down.

Use these instructions to clean the sensor.

Software Updates and Settings

Re-install Synapse

  • Download and re-install Synapse
  • The video below shows the steps involved

If you still have a problem with the mouse freezing go to the next step

Reset Surface Calibration

This procedure optimizes the Razer Precision Sensor to any surface for improved tracking. Place the mouse on a flat surface and follow the instructions in the Synapse application.

Tests for Connectivity

The Viper Ultimate can be used in two modes:

  • Hyperspeed Wireless
  • Wired

Note that unlike other Razer Mice (like the Basilisk X for instance) the Viper Ultimate does not use Bluetooth.

Check the Wireless Link

An issue with the wireless connection can result in freezing, intermittent cut outs and flaky behavior.

Is the Hyperspeed Dongle Plugged in?

To use the Hyperspeed mode of connectivity, the USB dongle or receiver provided with the mouse must be plugged into a working USB port. This receiver is located in the compartment under the mouse. The mouse will not work without the receiver.

If you have not done so already, plug this receiver into an available USB port.

If the receiver is plugged in and you are still experiencing issues go to the next step

Re-establish the Wireless Connection

  • Unplug the Hyperspeed USB wireless receiver dongle
  • Wait for 10 seconds
  • Plug the wireless receiver back in.

Make sure that the mouse is powered On.

Power on the Razer Viper Ultimate

If you are still having a problem with wireless connectivity, insert the Hyperspeed USB receiver into another port on the PC. Then try connecting again. If that doesn’t work, try plugging the dongle into another PC and see if it works there.

Remove Sources of RF Interference

There’s a possibility that there’s RF interference in your area that’s causing issues with wireless connectivity. Interference can’t really be seen without sophisticated tools like spectrum analyzers. However, you can take steps to reduce the disruptive effects.

The first step is to move the wireless dongle as close as possible to your mouse with the use of the provided cable and the adapter.

Cable adapter for Hyperspeed wireless mouse

The second step is to remove devices such as Wi-Fi routers, cell phones, microwave ovens. All of these can interfere with the wireless mouse. Here is a more detailed post on how to solve interference issues.

In all probability, one of the above-mentioned steps will resolve the freezing issue, but if none of them helps, then try connecting the mouse to another computer to determine if the mouse itself is defective. You can always get a replacement within the warranty period.

Check the Wired Link

If the Razer Viper Ultimate is not working when plugged in

  • First ensure that the Viper mouse is plugged directly into a USB port (and not to a USB hub)
  • Check if the USB port it’s plugged into is working by switching to another port
  • Try using the Viper Ultimate on another computer
  • Check the USB cable

If after checking all of the above the Viper still does not work when plugged in, we recommend contacting the manufacturer for a replacement.

How to Solve Viper Ultimate Mechanical Problems

Viper left-click or right-click not working, and creaking

As a first step, update the Synapse software to the latest version.

If the issue still persists, it’s likely a hardware issue. Some users have complained about issues with the left and right mouse buttons where the clicks appear to creak. Reddit user LtNick found the creaking is due to rubbing between the mouse button moulding and standoffs/pins in the mouse chassis as shown in the picture below.

Razer Viper Ultimate Inside. Source: LtNick on Reddit

If the Viper is still under warranty contact customer support for a replacement.

Alternatively if your mouse is out of warranty and you are inclined toward a DIY approach, read on.

Note that on account of the optical switches, the Viper Ultimate does not have double-clicking issues unlike the Basilisk X and other mice that use mechanical switches.

Viper Ultimate Side Buttons not working

Try the following and one of them should fix the issue:

  • Update the Synapse software to the latest version
  • Update the firmware
  • Let the battery drain completely

If none of the above work (and your mouse is out of the warranty period) AND you are feeling a little adventurous, try the technique shown in the video

Frequently Asked Questions about Razer Viper Ultimate

Blinking Red – What does it mean?

  • The snake logo on the top blinks twice in repeated intervals to indicate that the battery charge level is below 5%
  • This blinking will continue till the battery is drained out
  • The solution is to recharge the mouse with the cable plugged into the PC

How long does the Razer Viper Ultimate battery last?

The battery life of the Viper Ultimate has been advertised to be 70 hours on a single charge without lighting. However many people are reporting only 30 hours in practice.

Two factors will reduce battery life:

  • RGB lighting
  • Polling rate

To extend the battery life, turn off RGB and reduce the polling rate from 1000 Hz to lower.

Why is my Viper Unlimited Charging Dock not Working?

You might experience a situation where the Viper mouse will not charge when placed in the charging dock. This is a known issue and that along with a solution are explained in greater detail here.

Why does the Viper Ultimate keep Auto-shutting off?

This is a known issue with the Viper Ultimate. Update the Firmware to the latest version.

Why is the scroll wheel not working?

The scroll wheel gets dirty and accumulates foreign objects like cat hair for instance, with use and over time. This can cause erratic behavior. A quick solution is to blow compressed air near the wheel zone to remove all the possible hidden dirt.

Razer Viper Ultimate is Not Turning On – What to do?

Check the power switch under the mouse

The switch should be turned ON.

Ensure that your mouse battery is charged

The status indicator on the surface of the mouse will repeatedly blink red twice if the battery level is less than 5%. Once the battery dies however, it won’t blink. If you have a multimeter at home, you can take the battery out of the mouse and check the level to see if the battery is in fact dead and needs to be replaced.

Does the Razer Viper Ultimate have Bluetooth?

No the Razer Viper Ultimate does not have Bluetooth. The mouse cannot connect to a Bluetooth dongle.

It uses a technology called Hyperspeed for wireless connectivity. It requires the USB dongle that is provided with the mouse.

How to connect Razer Viper Ultimate Wireless

Razer Viper Ultimate uses Hyperspeed wireless technology to connect. To connect using wireless you have to

  • Plug the USB dongle into a spare USB port on the PC
  • Make sure that your PC is running the Synapse software
  • Turn on the mouse.
  • The Viper Ultimate mouse should connect automatically over wireless.


In this post we have summarized the different reasons for which your Razer Viper Ultimate may not be working and solutions:

  • Check the battery level
  • Clean the mouse
  • Re-install Synapse
  • Install the latest Drivers
  • Reset Surface Calibration
  • Check the Wireless Link
  • Check the Wired Link