How Much Do Helium Miners Make?

Before you purchase a miner, it might be worthwhile to ask the important question:

How much will I make with Helium in 2022?

Based on our calculation, in 2022, a miner will earn 0.1 HNT per day on average.

Let’s take a look at how we get this number.

Every month 2,500,000 Helium tokens are awarded in total.

Here’s how these 2.5M tokens are distributed:

Awarded to% AmountHNT
Helium company and Investors35875,000

Today there are nearly 400,000 hotspots on the Helium Network.

We can expect there will be 500,000 hotspots in the first quarter of 2022.

The average amount a miner can make every month is 1,475,000/500,000 = 2.95 HNT.

Divide this by 30 gives about 0.1 HNT per day.

Obviously some miners will make more than others. For instance in this post that discusses the profitability of Helium mining , we’ve shown how earnings can vary by a factor of 120. The actual number of HNT you can make in a day depends on many factors including:

  • How long your miner is online
  • Positioning of your miner – includes antenna and height
  • Miner density at your location

In this post we have discussed some tips to increase your HNT earnings.